Zombie Brain Freeze Ice Cube and Candy Molds

Brain Freeze Ice Cube Molds

Brain Freeze Ice Cube Molds

Here is the perfect addition to a zombie themed party, Halloween, or to that zombie themed kitchen. These brain ice cube molds create realistic looking brain ice cubes and more. These food grade silicone trays are soft,flexible, and stick resistant. They are perfect for making brain shaped ice cubes. Although mainly meant for brain cubes, these zombie gifts will also make brain shaped jello, candy and more! Each tray makes 4 individual brains.

For extra fun use red juice or other beverages for colored brains.

Priced at just $8.99, these are truly unique zombie gifts that will please any zombie fan.


Brain Freeze Ice Cube Molds

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One thought on “Zombie Brain Freeze Ice Cube and Candy Molds

  1. These would be great for zombies. You could freeze the lime juice for green brains.

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