Zombie Beer Pong T-Shirt

Zombie Beer Pong T-Shirt: Eye Sink It, You Drink It! – $9.95 – $11.95


Zombies are a different breed..so you wouldn’t expect their recreational hobbies to be typical either. You might be surprised to know that ¬†Zombies DO enjoy drinking and playing drinking games. The undead play beer pong too! Unfortunately the zombie version of beer pong isn’t played with a plastic ping-pong ball. It’s played with a human eyeball.

This zombie T-shirt reads:

Zombie Beer Pong. Eye Sink it, You Drink It!


This pre-shrunk zombie t-shirt is comfortable and it can be made to suit your unique tastes. Don’t like the suggested Navy T-shirt color shown? No problem! Simply choose your t-shirt color when making your purchase. This zombie t-shirt is available in unisex and ladies slim fit styles. Sizes small through 2XL are available in both styles.

These unique zombie t-shirts make the perfect affordable zombie t-shirts! They are priced at just $9.95 for sizes small through XL. You’ll need to add $2 for the 2XL size, but even at that price they are an unbelievable value!

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