Zombie Bottle Opener

Zombie Bottle Opener: ~$12.95


Need a hand opening that ice cold brew? Although using your teeth looks cool and impresses the ladies, it isn’t so smart. Dentists in the post zombie apocalypse world are hard to come by. Using a real life zombie’s mouth to open your bottles is equally impressive, but far more dangerous. If only there was a compromise. Well now there is with this awesome novelty zombie bottle opener. This sculpted naked zombie bottle opener makes the perfect zombie gift.

We aren’t sure how he lost his clothes; we’re just grateful he still has enough brains and modesty to hide his delicate parts! This zombie bottle opener is crafted from durable urethane resin. The solid steel bottle opener inside our zombie friend’s mouth is durable and effective. There are no worries about using this awesome zombie gift!

These unique zombie gifts are hand crafted by local artists and are even painted by hand.  Each one has its own special paint details and qualities to love. In addition to their uniqueness these little zombies are also very affordable. Priced at just $12.95 each you definitely have no excuses. Besides let’s all remember Rule #32 and take time to “enjoy the little things!”   This awesome zombie gift will help any zombie lover do just that.

Grab yours today or order one for that special zombie fan in your life.


Click Here to by this awesome zombie gift!

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