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Zombie T-shirts

Looking for a unique zombie t-shirt? Need a zombie t-shirt on a budget? Looking for one of the web’s largest collections of zombie tees in one location? We’ve rounded up hundreds of zombie t-shirts for your undead viewing pleasure. Whether you need a Walking Dead t-shirt, a scary zombie shirt, or a funny zombie t-shirt, you’ll probably find it here!

Walking Dead Daryl Dixon T-shirt Daryl's Target Pointing Crossbow

Walking Dead Daryl’s Target Daryl Dixon Zombie T-shirt

  The Walking Dead – Daryl’s Target T-Shirt This is not a view you want to see. If Daryl Dixon has the business end of his crossbow pointed at you and he’s looking down the sight, you’re in big trouble!This officially licensed Walking Dead t-shirt will strike fear in the heart of anyone that comes […]
April 3, 2014 0
Daryl Dixon Archer T-shirt

Daryl Archer Daryl Dixon T-Shirt

Daryl Dixon Archer T-shirt Like the animated series Archer? Love The Walking Dead and Daryl Dixon?  Then we’ve found the perfect t-shirt for you. This shirt features a fun tribute to all of the above on a high quality 100% pre-shrunk cotton t-shirt. Not looking for a t-shirt but still like the design? No problem! […]
March 29, 2014 1
Zombie Merle Dixon Come at me Bro T-shirt

Zombie Merle Dixon T-Shirt: Come at Me Bro

How much better would it have been had Zombie Merle yelled, “Come at me bro!” A lot better! Unfortunately we didn’t get to see it, but fortunately someone designed this awesome zombie Merle Dixon Walking Dead inspired t-shirt. Not awesome enough? How about this; It’s priced at just $6.00!
March 15, 2014 2
Zombie Rocker T-shirt Zombie tee zombie t-shirt zombie gifts

Zombie Rocker Zombie T-shirt

Zombie Rocker T-Shirt   Zombies rock. You rock. What more of a reason do you need to own this awesome zombie rocker t-shirt? This 100% ring spun cotton t-shirt features an amputated zombie hand throwing the rocker sign. Of course it’s easy because this zombie hand is already missing two middle fingers. This large design […]
March 6, 2014 2
zombie unicorn t-shirt

Zombie Riding A Unicorn Zombie T-Shirt

Zombie Riding a Unicorn T-shirt     How likely are you to find a more adorable zombie t-shirt? You’re probably more likely to see an actual zombie riding a real unicorn! This awesome zombie t-shirt is fun, gender neutral and safe for zombie fans of all ages. It features a gleefully happy colorful zombie with […]
March 4, 2014 0
The Walking Dead Zombie Gifts, The Walking Dead Zombie T-shirts,The Walking Dead Skull T-shirt

The Walking Dead Skull Zombie T-Shirt

The Walking Dead Skull T-shirt This is probably one of our favorite The Walking Dead t-shirts to date. This shirt features a black and white image of a skull made out of walkers. A skull formed from images of popular zombies featured on the show and an AMC The Walking Dead logo are all that […]
February 17, 2014 2
Daryl Dixon Angel in Disguise t-shirt

Angel in Disguise Daryl Dixon Inspired T-Shirt

  Angel in Disguise – Daryl Dixon Inspired T-Shirt Daryl Dixon is an often misunderstood good guy at heart. Beneath the rough and tumble redneck exterior is a heart of a gold and a savior willing to fight for the good of the group.  This gorgeous Daryl Dixon inspired t-shirt captures the essence of all […]
January 29, 2014 0
Walker Dead zombie t-shirt

Zombie T-Shirt: The WALKER Dead

Look out! It’s The WALKER Dead! While the walker and missing dentures may make this zombie less of a threat. . . it doesn’t mean you won’t like this funny zombie t-shirt design. Also available on a variety of other products.
January 28, 2014 0
Coffin Nail Pale Ale Zombie t-shirt

Coffin Nail Pale Ale Zombie T-Shirt

Zombie T-Shirt Coffin Nail Pale Ale – from $14.99 Few things in life make us happier than beer and zombies. That’s why we love this zombie themed “Coffin Nail Pale Ale” zombie t-shirt. This zombie t-shirt design features an image of a zombie enjoying a tall frosty mug of Coffin Nail Pale Ale. This zombie […]
January 27, 2014 0
Bubstep zombie tee featured

Bubstep: Zombie Bub Dubstep Inspired T-shirt

  Bubstep Zombie T-shirt Shhh! Here comes the drop!  Bub likes music and he REALLY likes the driving sounds of Dubstep.  This clever zombie t-shirt is inspired by “Bub” in George Romero’s Day of the Dead. It features artwork of Bub wearing DJ headphones. The colorful combination of fluorescent blue, green, yellow and pink graphics […]
December 24, 2013 0
Daryl's Arrows Daryl Dixon T-shirt

Daryl’s Arrows Daryl Dixon Inspired T-Shirt

Tired of all the same old Daryl Dixon t-shirts? We’ve tracked down one you probably haven’t seen yet. Check out the images below and then read the full description below for all the details on how to make this unique Daryl Dixon gift yours today!  Daryl’s Arrows – Daryl Dixon Inspired T-shirt   Are you […]
December 5, 2013 5

Lil’ A$$ Kicker Walking Dead Maternity Top

  Walking Dead Maternity Shirt – Lil A** Kicker   This officially licensed The Walking Dead Maternity top lets the world know what’s to come. . . in no uncertain terms. If people think Judith Grimes is an @$$ kicker they better watch out for YOUR offspring. This adorable Walking Dead maternity shirt is black 100% cotton. […]
December 4, 2013 0
Daryl Merle Dixon T-shirt

Daryl Dixon – Merle Dixon Kill or Die – Die and Kill T-Shirt

    Daryl Dixon Merle Dixon Kill Or Die – Die and Kill T-Shirt (From $14.95) Daryl and Merle Dixon always had a love-hate relationship. This Walking Dead inspired t-shirt captures that perfectly. It features a likeness of Daryl Dixon in the foreground complete with winged biker vest, poncho and crossbow. In the background is […]
November 30, 2013 0
Daryl Dixon women's top

Daryl Dixon “I Ain’t Nobody’s B*tch” Laserback V-Neck Top

  Walking Dead Daryl Dixon “I ain’t nobody’s b#tch” V-neck Top   Daryl Dixon is his own man. Although he’s been softened a little bit and has some feels for his companions in the zombie apocalypse, he’s still not afraid to let you know he’s nobody’s b!tch. This gorgeous Daryl Dixon v-neck top sends that […]
November 9, 2013 3
Be Smarter Eat brains Zombie version

Be Smarter, Eat Brains – The Zombie Version

Be Smarter Eat Brains Zombie T-Shirt   When we first posted the “Be Smarter, Eat Brains” Zombie t-shirt design we loved it…but we also voiced our disappointment that the woman on the shirt wasn’t a zombie. Well our zombie t-shirt prayers were answered by the designer “DarkChoocoolat”. We’re pleased to present to you…”Be Smarter, Eat […]
November 9, 2013 3
SkyWakling Dead T-shirt

The SkyWalking Dead – Star Wars Walking Dead T-Shirt

The Skywalking Dead T-Shirt Men’s, Women’s and Oversized Fit from $14.95 Oh how we love it when someone combines our favorite things. This time we squealed with geek delight when we saw this Star Wars and Walking Dead mashup. This t-shirt combines The Walking Dead with Star Wars and it couldn’t have been done better. […]
October 19, 2013 3