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Chocolate Zombie Santa

Chocolate Zombie Santa Candy   Stuff their stockings with the perfect gift for the chocolate loving zombie fan: The Chocolate Zombie Santa! Each Chocolate Zombie Santa is made in the USA and is 4 ounces of solid Dark Chocolate zombie Santa goodness. This product is a ThinkGeek exclusive that measures approximately 5-1/2″ tall by 1″ […]

Chocolate Zombie Fingers – Zombie Candy

  Chocolate Zombie Fingers   Eating plain old fingers is boring. You need some chocolate zombie fingers to satisfy your snack cravings.  These tasty handmade zombie candy fingers are green chocolate zombie “fingers” with red fruit filling wounds. Each finger has unique “wounds” and the red candies inside gush so the fingers “bleed” just a […]

You’re a Zombie Chuck! Peanuts Inspired Zombie T-Shirt

  You’re a Zombie Chuck! Peanuts Inspired Zombie T-Shirt   Poor Snoopy and Woodstock. It looks like what is left of the Peanuts gang are now a horde of the walking dead. Never a duo to give up without putting up a fight, Snoopy and Woodstock have a shotgun and are making their last stand […]

Zombie Apocalypse Ghost Chili Hot Sauce

Zombie Apocalypse Ghost Chili Hot Sauce   Zombie Apocalypse hot sauce from Torchbearer Sauces is the perfect combination of heat and flavor for any zombie fan. This awesome all natural, extract free hot sauce features the very hot Bhut Jolokia pepper (also known as the “Ghost Chili” pepper). The Ghost Chili is a pepper once […]

Chocolate Zombie Easter Bunny Candy

  Chocolate Zombie Easter Bunny ~$14.99   Chocolate Zombie Easter bunnies are harder to catch than you might think. Many people want to snatch them up for the Easter baskets of their loved ones. However most suppliers of the these undead white chocolate zombie bunny treats typically sell out quickly before Easter. That’s why I’m […]

Zombie Bunny Lollipops – Zombie Easter Bunny Suckers

Zombie Bunny Lollipops  Looking for the perfect addition to that zombie fan’s Easter basket? Here’s a perfect bloody zombie twist on a cute bunny lollipop. These green zombie bunny lollipops feature gross bloody red highlights and are sure to please any zombie or horror fan. While they may look like dead blood thirsty bunnies they […]

Zombie Poop Bubble Gum

Zombie Poop Bubble Gum – $5.95 Who knew? Zombies poop! Not only do they poop…but they poop delicious round lemon-lime flavored gumballs. Ok, these aren’t really zombie poop but they ARE a great gag gift for the zombie lover on your shopping list. Zombie poop bubble gum consists of about 24 1″ diameter green gum […]
bAvery's Zombie Brain Juice Soda

Zombie Brain Juice Soda

ZOMBIE BRAIN JUICE SODA – Strawberry Orange Flavor- Case of One Dozen 12 oz bottles (Pack of 12)   This Strawberry orange flavored zombie soda is part of Avery’s Beverages “Totally Gross Sodas” line.  These sodas were actually inspired by the concoctions created by young soda makers in Avery’s “Make Your Own Soda” program. While […]

Zombie Blast Energy Shots

Zombie Blast Energy Shots 3 Pack -$9.99 Sleep is for mortals…and you’ll realize that after the Zombie apocalypse goes down and you haven’t slept for 6 days. Running on low energy is tough even in the daily grind. Fortunately we’ve got just the cure: Zombie Blast Energy Shots! Each shot contains an energy cocktail to power […]

Crusty Zombie Toenails

Crusty Zombie Toenails The next time you are hungry reach for some crunchy crusty zombie toenails. No these aren’t really the keratin packed toenails of the walking dead. They’re only packaged to look that. Instead these tasty treats are actually 2 oz of sesame sticks  that are made up of unbleached wheat flour, soybean oil, sesame […]

Wilton Zombie Cupcake Stand

Zombie Cupcake Stand   Need a great way to display those zombie cupcakes for your zombie themed birthday party, Halloween party, or other random zombie gathering? This cardboard cupcake stand from Wilton is the perfect way to display those tasty zombie cupcakes. This 3-tiered zombie cupcake stand holds up to 24 cupcakes and can also […]

Zombie Head Candy Maker: Doctor Dreadful Zombie Lab

Zombie Head Candy Maker Give the perfect zombie gift for that young (or young at heart) zombie fan wit a sense of humor and a sweet tooth! The Zombie Head Candy Maker let’s you create over 40 tasty and gross treats. You can brew up some zombie barf to drink, bubbling brains or make and […]

Zombie Pea Brains Zombie Snack

Zombie Pea Brains: Zombie Snack The next time you’re feeling a little hungry reach for some delicious and healthy zombie brains. We all knew zombies weren’t the smartest creatures on the block, but little did we know the infection shriveled their cerebrums down to little pea brains! Don’t worry. We wouldn’t feed you zombie brains. […]

Zombie Blood Orange Tea

  Zombie Blood Orange Tea – Part of the ThinkGeek Timmy’s Tea Sampler – $17.99:     Tea is great, but during the zombie apocalypse you’ll want something with a little more flavor than that ho-hum Earl Grey tea you’re used to drinking. You’ll also want tea with real flavor. To get that you’ll need […]

Life-Size Giant Gummy Brain

 Giant Life-Size Gummy Brain Today’s socially responsible zombie knows there is a time and place for everything. If you want to be treated with equal rights you can’t go eating brains whenever you want.  You can’t just pull out a bloody cerebral snack at junior’s soccer game. When you can’t have a nice warm brain […]
Zombie Chocolate Bars Zombie Candy

Zombie Chocolate Bars

Zombie White Chocolate Bar   Need a unique zombie candy gift for Halloween, Easter, or as a stocking stuffer?  Try one of these deliciously undead sweet zombie chocolate bars from Sugar Plum Chocolates. These zombie candy bars are made of delicious gourmet white chocolate dyed a subtle disgusting zombie green. The crispies inside the zombie […]