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Zombie Statues


Brain Eata Zombie Baby®

Brain Eata Zombie Baby® Prop -$34.99 This adorable little bundle of joy has already moved on to solid foods. Awwwww. So cute! This zombie gift measures about 17 inch tall and is made of a  lifelike rubber skin filled with latex and sponge to give it a like like weighted feel. Of course, the real beauty is […]

Werewolf Zombie Wall Sculpture

“Werewolf Zombie” Wall Sculpture -$24.95 Scare visitors and please yourself with this incredibly detailed piece of zombie wall art. This zombie werewolf wall sculpture features a wolf that is basically missing the flesh and muscle from most of his face. His menacing teeth and exposed jaw bones and skull are sure to strike fear in those […]

Outbreak of the Undead Zombie Statue

Outbreak of the Undead Zombie Statue – $79.95   Make your lawn or home look like the beginning of the zombie apocalypse with this amazing “Outbreak of the Undead” zombie statue. This work of zombie art is a beautiful zombie sculpture cast in durable designer resin and then hand painted in ghoulish eerie detail. This zombie […]

Crawling Zombie Torso Zombie Decoration

Crawling Zombie Torso – $79.99 Add some undead style to your Halloween party or year round with this awesome half zombie. This zombie decoration displays a zombie torso scratching and clawing his way toward fresh human flesh. This zombie prop is made of latex foam and measures approximately 31″ high x 16″ wide x 9″ deep. […]

Zombie Solar Shaker Desk Toy

Zombie Solar Shaker Desk Toy – $9.95   We’ve all seen those solar powered flowers that dance around on desktops of annoying people throughout the world. Well someone has finally made a solar powered desk toy cool enough for zombie fans! The zombie solar shaker features Zombie Zeke sitting against a grave headstone. He looks […]

Zombie Hand Napkin Holder

Zombie Hand Napkin Holder: $10.00  Need a hand holding those napkins at your Zombie birthday, Halloween party, or every day at the dining room table? This awesome zombie hand napkin holder is here to save the day. This resin zombie hand measures about 7- 1/2″ high x 5-1/2″ wide.  This zombie hand features rotting skin that […]

The Raven’s Perch Zombie Sculpture

The Raven’s Perch Zombie Statue – $39.95 This beautifully grotesque zombie sculpture features a zombie hand reaching from his grave while a dark raven sits perched on his bony and decomposed index finger and hand. Artist Gary Chang sculpted a true masterpiece with mesmerizing detail. Each peace is casted in durable designer resin and is hand painted to exacting […]

The Walking Dead Bicycle Girl Zombie Pop! Vinyl Figure

Order The Walking Dead Bicycle Girl Zombie Pop! Vinyl Figure – $9.99:   One of the favorite zombies from AMC’s hit television series, The Walking Dead, is without a doubt the “Bicycle Girl” zombie. Although she’s half a body, she’s won the hearts of many zombie fans. Now this gruesome gal has been recreated in […]

Rick Grimes The Walking Dead Pop! Vinyl Figure

The Walking Dead Rick Grimes Pop! Vinyl Figure -$9.99: Now you can own Rick Grimes in adorable vinyl form. Rick is wearing his Sheriff’s uniform and has his trusty pistol at the ready.  This 3 and 3/4″ tall figure is sure to please any fan of The Walking Dead . Priced under $10.00 these also make […]

Daryl Dixon The Walking Dead Pop! Vinyl Figure

The Walking Dead Daryl Dixon Pop! Vinyl Figure – $9.99: I’m sorry ladies, but this is as close as most of you will come to making Norman Reedus, aka Daryl Dixon, yours. This awesome vinyl POP! figure from Funko recreates one of the most popular characters from The Walking Dead television series. This little Daryl […]

Thumb Sucker Zombie Baby Prop

Thumb Sucker Zombie Baby Prop $39.99   Awwww! So adorable. Thumb sucking is a hard habit to break, especially when your baby enjoys sucking on other the thumbs of others. We all know you aren’t going to tell a zombie baby no. Fortunately there’s an easy solution. Just lop off someone’s hand at the wrist and […]

Zombie Dog Decoration

Zombie Dog – $26.99: This latex rubber zombie dog sculpture  is the perfect addition to your zombie family. Measuring about 12″ tall and 11″ long this zombie decoration is perfect for indoor and outdoor use.  This would make an amazing Halloween decoration or just a great addition to your other zombie decor.  Click the image or […]

Lost Zombie Head Sculpture

Lost Zombie Head Statue by artist Liam Manchester -$29.95  This zombie head sculpture is the perfect way to add a touch of the undead to your home, garden, or landscaping. This sick zombie skull sculpture was sculpted with incredible love and talent. Cast out of durable high quality resin, these zombie heads are then painted with […]
b-Kaitendoh Horror Figure Series Zombie Girl Statue2

Kaitendoh Horror Figure Series Zombie Girl Statue

Kaitendoh Horror Figure Series Zombie Girl Statue   This adorable anime style zombie statue was first released as a garage kit at Wonderfest in 2009. It sold out immediately. We’re happy to report it is back and better than ever because it’s available pre-painted for the first time! Sculpted by the aptly named “Mr Creepy Scuplt”, […]

Frozen Dead Premium Zombie Collectible Figure

The Frozen Dead Zombie Figure – $349.99: Looking for one of the sickest Nazi zombie themed figures on the planet? Sideshow collectibles has produced just that with their The Frozen Dead premium format zombie figure. This thing packs an insane amount of detail that words really can’t even begin to explain. This awesome zombie figure […]

The Walking Dead Bicycle Girl Zombie Bust

Walking Dead Bicycle Girl Zombie Mini-Bust ~$39.99 “I’m sorry this happened to you.” – Rick Grimes Fans of AMC’s The Walking Dead will definitely be familiar with the bicycle girl zombie. In the first episode of the series Sheriff Grimes feels sorry for this zombie that has somehow been reduced to nothing but  the waist up […]