Creepy Cuddlers Series 2 Zombie Plush

Creepy Cuddlers Series 2 Zombies Plush Set

Creepy Cuddlers Series 2 Zombie Plushies! Awwwww....zombies!

CLICK HERE to Order Your Creepy Cuddlers Series 2 Zombies Plush Set! ~$39.99


If you like your zombies with a dash of cuteness then Creepy Cuddlers zombie plushies are just for you. These adorable and colorful little guys just make you want to squeeze their dead and rotting stuffed corpses. Awww!

Series 2 of the Creepy Cuddlers line features a young zombie boy named Zach, the pink haired blue skinned punk girl Ophelia, and the zombie kitten, Mittens. Each plush figure in the 3 figure set is individually packaged. Zach and Ophelia feature real cloth clothing and stand about 8-1/2 inches tall.

My favorite of the three, Mittens, is a walking dead feline that has seen better days. Mittens has numerous injuries, exposed bones, a bandaged tail, and a missing eye. Mittens sits at about 6-1/2 inches tall.

The Creepy Cuddlers are intended for ages 15 and up. The set of all three zombie plushies will run you about $39.99. Click the link above or use the information below to order your very own set of Creepy Cuddlers Zombie Plush today!




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