Daryl Dixon Crossbows T-Shirt

Dixon Crossbows T-Shirt

This unique zombie t-shirt is a tribute to everyone’s favorite crossbow wielding zombie slayer, Daryl Dixon, from The Walking Dead. This zombie t-shirt features an image of a zombie hand with an arrow shot through it and the slogan “Dixon Crossbows: Always a Dead Shot.”

The stunning artwork on this zombie t-shirt is available on a variety of different shirt styles from basic quality American Apparel t-shirts in sizes from small through 3XL to v necks, baseball sleeved and girly fit. For the basic t-shirt you can choose from 21 different t-shirt colors and you can even choose whether you want the design printed on the front or back of the shirt!

Prices start at about $24.54 to $27.60. While that’s a little on the steep side for a t-shirt, it’s still a small price for Daryl Dixon fans to pay for this much zombie win! Click the images or link above or the button below for ordering information.

Click Here to by this awesome The Walking Dead zombie gift!

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  1. I need and want this shirt!

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