DIY Custom Zombie Action Figure Kit

DIY Zombie Customizable Action Figure Kit

DIY Zombie Customizable Action Figure Kit


Zombie figures and statues are the greatest. The only way a zombie action figure can be better is if it is a custom one of a kind unique action figure crafted with your very own hands! That’s exactly what you get with this amazing zombie gift.

This zombie kit comes with enough zombie parts to make 2-3 complete 1/9 scale zombie action figures. You choose which of the body parts (in various stages of decomposition) you want to use. You can even mix and match the included clothing to make a unique zombie creation. This kit even includes an instructional DVD to help you with details like painting your zombie creation.


  • Each Zombie Action Figure Kit Includes the following:
    • 3 8″ articulated zombie action figure bodies
    • 5 different zombie heads
    • 2 pairs of zombie hands
    • 1 pair “just bitten” arms and legs
    • 1 pair “really rotten” arms and legs
    • 1 chest “prosthetic”
    • 1 complete business suit – for the formal fortune 500 zombie look
    • 1 set of medical scrubs – perfect for Doctor/Nurse zombies!
    • 1 lab coat
    • 2 pairs of shoes
    • 1 instructional DVD


This zombie custom action figure kit is the perfect unique zombie gift for the artistic or crafty zombie fan.  At the time of this post it is priced at $59.99.  Sorry zombie fans but this kit doesn’t include paint or other necessary tools like scissors, paintbrushes etc.

We’ve actually listed this item before, but that supplier is often out of these. This kit is sold by our friends at ThinkGeek and they do everything better!


Click Here to by this awesome zombie gift!



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