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Looking for a totally unique zombie gift idea?  This handmade “Pushing Up Daisies” zombie gnome just might be the perfect solution.  This gorgeous and gruesome zombie gift features an adorably gross zombie garden gnome pushing his way up out of the fake soil in a custom terracotta flower pot.

The resin zombie gnome reaches up from the ground beneath a lovely fake flower.  This handmade undead awesomeness is contained in an equally amazing 4.5 inch tall flower pot.  The terracotta pot features a laser engraved bio-hazard logo to let everyone know to keep their distance.

This fun handmade zombie gift is as functional as it is stylish.  The top is removable to allow access to the inside of the pot.  You can safely store small items such as keys, coins, paperclips, extra ammo and more. Whatever it takes to get you through the day can be discretely stashed inside your zombie flower pot!

The zombie and flower pot measure approximately 7 inches tall without the flower. For additional information, pricing and ordering information click the images or link above or the button below.


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Zombie Garden Gnome Pushing Up Daisies

Zombie Garden Gnome Flower Pot

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The Running Dead Zombie T-Shirt http://www.zombiegift.com/2015/03/04/the-running-dead-zombie-t-shirt/ http://www.zombiegift.com/2015/03/04/the-running-dead-zombie-t-shirt/#comments Wed, 04 Mar 2015 13:49:05 +0000 http://www.zombiegift.com/?p=5963 Running Dead T-shirt

The Running Dead Zombie Shirt

Running Dead Shirt

We like our zombies all classic and shambling. Infected undead that can sprint are pretty much our worst nightmare. That being said, we also think zombies should be all gross, gory and disgusting.  This zombie t-shirt nails it.

This awesome zombie gift features the phrase “The Running Dead” along with text that reads, “Give me your hand and we’ll run towards the sunset.” The highlight of this affordable zombie t-shirt design is definitely the disgusting green zombie with a hatchet buried in his forehead.  A full moon and an eerie skyline looms ominously in the background.  Zombie shadows let you know the horde is coming and you’d better run as fast as your living legs will carry you.

This zombie t-shirt is available in a variety of fits and sizes. From conventional t-shirts to ringspun cotton t-shirts and more, you’ll find the style of shirt or garment you’d like this design printed on at an affordable price.  Looking for a long sleeve shirt, women’s fit, or even a hoodie? That’s not a problem. You can even get this design printed on infant clothing, messenger bags, wall art, phone cases and more!

Just click the images, link or button here for pricing information and additional information.


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The Inhuman Squishy Zombie http://www.zombiegift.com/2015/02/24/the-inhuman-squishy-zombie/ http://www.zombiegift.com/2015/02/24/the-inhuman-squishy-zombie/#comments Tue, 24 Feb 2015 15:07:25 +0000 http://www.zombiegift.com/?p=5956 The Inhuman Squishy Zombie

Inhuman squishy zombie

inhuman squishy zombie comic graphic novel

Zombies can teach us so much. When we aren’t using them to learn about survival and human nature, the undead can teach us about science. SmartLab toys demonstrates this perfectly with their awesome “The Inhuman Squishy Zombie” toy.

More than just a model or action figure zombie toy, the Inhuman squishy zombie is an interactive toy model and book. You’ll need to use your brain to solve the mystery surrounding a zombie outbreak. You can follow the clues provided in the graphic novel that accompanies the inhuman squishy zombie model. Search the zombie model looking for bite marks and scouring his rotten flesh and orgins in order to identify the origins of the zombie outbreak.

This zombie model features removable limbs, squishy organs and more. It includes a 24 page graphic novel written by a middle school teacher. This amazing zombie toy isn’t just fun and games either. It teaches the science behind the fun by teaching and reinforcing scientific concepts like the scientific method, infection, the differences between viruses and bacteria and much more. This unique zombie toy even meets the STEM requirements for Science at the elementary school level!

This zombie toy is recommended for ages 8 and up. It includes the following:

  • One 12″ zombie model with base
  • Poseable arms complete with removable “squishy” flesh
  • Detachable arms
  • 4 Squishy internal organs
  • One 24 page graphic novel
  • One Instruction sheet


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Zombie 15′ Board Game: 15 Minutes to Survive http://www.zombiegift.com/2015/02/24/zombie-15-board-game-15-minutes-to-survive/ http://www.zombiegift.com/2015/02/24/zombie-15-board-game-15-minutes-to-survive/#comments Tue, 24 Feb 2015 14:31:30 +0000 http://www.zombiegift.com/?p=5951 Zombie 15 Zombie Gift board game

Zombie 15′ Board Game


With Zombie 15′, the exciting new zombie themed board game from IELLO games, you’ve got 15 minutes to survive.  This innovate and fresh take on the zombie board game genre moves at a frantic pace.

Everyone above the age of 18 has turned into a flesh craving zombie and most of the very young have already been eaten.  It is now up to a small group of 15 year old teenagers to survive the zombie apocalypse.  Players must cooperate and work together to escape relentless hordes of zombies. You’ll need to find shelter, food and other survivors to survive and in order to discover the truth behind the mysterious zombie plague.

This zombie board game is recommended for ages 8 years old and up.  It features very easy to understand rules and real decisions that need to be made as quickly as possible . . . unless you LIKE being overcome by hordes of the undead.  The game features a 15 minute soundtrack on CD to help set pace and tempo, a 15 scenario campaign, and much more!
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Zombie Hunter Uniform Workshirt http://www.zombiegift.com/2015/02/05/zombie-hunter-uniform-workshirt/ http://www.zombiegift.com/2015/02/05/zombie-hunter-uniform-workshirt/#comments Thu, 05 Feb 2015 19:37:01 +0000 http://www.zombiegift.com/?p=5946 Zombie Hunter Uniform Workshirt

Zombie Hunter Button Down Work Shirt

You work hard as a professional zombie hunter.  Zombie killing is your business and business is good. You love your job and the only real problem is zombie bashing tends to be a very dirty business.  Blood, guts and all the rest of the undead bits and pieces will stain your shirt faster than you pour the club soda.  You can’t settle for any ordinary shirt for your zombie hunting or just day to day life.  You need the right shirt for the job and we’ve found the ideal solution with this Zombie Hunter uniform style workshirt.

This awesome black uniform style work shirt features 65% polyester and 35% cotton blend construction.  This simple button down zombie shirt features a a bright neon green patch that reads “Apocalypse Zombie Hunters” on the right breast area and a very cool embroidered slogan on the left chest area that reads, “We Kill ‘Em Dead”.  This shirt definitely lets everyone know you’re a highly skilled professional.

Available in sizes small through extra large, this zombie shirt makes the perfect affordable zombie gift for that zombie hunting guy or gal on your shopping list.  Click the image or link above, or the button below for additional information.


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Zombie Combat Training T-Shirt http://www.zombiegift.com/2015/01/13/zombie-combat-training-t-shirt/ http://www.zombiegift.com/2015/01/13/zombie-combat-training-t-shirt/#comments Tue, 13 Jan 2015 04:19:06 +0000 http://www.zombiegift.com/?p=5937 Zombie Combat Training T-shirt

Zombie T-shirt

Zombie Combat Training T-shirt

Do you have what it takes to pass the Rick Grimes Post Apocalyptic Survival Training Firearms Test?  Everyone knows when it comes to surviving the zombie apocalypse you need to choose your shots wisely. Ammo is scarce and only a headshot will do. You don’t have time to fumble and miss.  This awesome zombie t-shirt drives that point home with a very cool zombie graphic.

The design features a fun zombie head scoring target design and these shirts are available in a variety of fits, sizes and colors to suit your tastes.  Whether you want a women’s fit, a long sleeve or even a hooded sweatshirt, this zombie t-shirt design is sure to make the perfect zombie gift for nearly anyone.  There’s even an oversize option for sizes up to 6XL.

If you’re searching for a unique and affordable zombie gift, this Zombie t-shirt is just what you’ve been looking for.  Click the images or link above or the button below for more details and ordering information.

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Ugly Zombie Santa Christmas Sweater in a Box http://www.zombiegift.com/2014/12/07/ugly-zombie-santa-christmas-sweater-in-a-box/ http://www.zombiegift.com/2014/12/07/ugly-zombie-santa-christmas-sweater-in-a-box/#comments Sun, 07 Dec 2014 02:11:35 +0000 http://www.zombiegift.com/?p=5929 Ugly Zombie Santa Christmas Sweater

Ugly Zombie Santa Christmas Sweater

Zombies and ugly Christmas sweaters are all the rage. Combining the two wildly popular cultural phenomena just makes sense. That’s what makes this Zombie gift so great! This Zombie Christmas sweater features an image of a zombie Santa that just crawled out of his grave. Maybe he’s going to deliver gifts to all the good little boys and girls. . . or maybe he’s going to shamble the earth on Christmas eve searching for brains and human flesh to devour. We’re not exactly sure what jolly old Saint Nick has planned, we just know we love this hideous zombie Christmas sweater.

This warm, comfortable and flexible sweater is made of breathable 100% cotton.  It comes packaged in a box and ready for your zombie gift giving. This zombie santa ugly Christmas sweater is available in sizes small through 2XL. Click the image or link above or the button below for more information or ordering details.


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Ugly Zombie Christmas Sweater

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Season’s Eatings Ugly Zombie Christmas Sweater T-shirt http://www.zombiegift.com/2014/12/02/seasons-eatings-ugly-zombie-christmas-sweater-t-shirt/ http://www.zombiegift.com/2014/12/02/seasons-eatings-ugly-zombie-christmas-sweater-t-shirt/#comments Tue, 02 Dec 2014 20:59:56 +0000 http://www.zombiegift.com/?p=5922 Ugly Christmas Sweater Zombie T-shirt Zombie Gift

Ugly Zombie Christmas Sweater T-shirt

Season’s Eatings Zombie Ugly Christmas Sweater T-shirt


Who doesn’t like a funny ugly Christmas sweater? They’re even better when they’re zombie themed. The problem is holiday sweaters are often hot and itchy. That problem has been solved with these fun novelty Ugly Christmas Sweater T-shirts.  These zombie themed t-shirts look just like ugly Christmas sweaters.  This zombie t-shirt features snowflakes, images of zombies, skulls and biohazard emblems.

Each zombie tee is available in a variety of styles, colors and fits. Choose from men’s fit, oversized sizes, women’s fit and much more. Pricing for this unique and funny zombie gift starts at just $19.95. Click the link or image above or the button below for more information and ordering details. This awesome zombie shirt makes the perfect zombie gift for the Holiday season.


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Zombie Christmas Ornament Set http://www.zombiegift.com/2014/11/25/zombie-christmas-ornament-set/ http://www.zombiegift.com/2014/11/25/zombie-christmas-ornament-set/#comments Tue, 25 Nov 2014 15:34:49 +0000 http://www.zombiegift.com/?p=5913 Zombie Christmas Ornament Set

Set of 4 Zombie Christmas Ornaments


Are you planning on a zombie themed Christmas tree this Holiday season? You know we are here at ZombeGift.com! We can’t wait to add this set of 4 zombie ornaments to the branches of our Holiday tree.

This set of four zombie Christmas ornaments is the perfect addition to you zombie themed Holiday decorations. This set features four different zombified ornaments crafted out of durable resin. Each set features four different ornaments. There’s a zombie Santa Claus, a zombie Reindeer, a zombified elf and even one bloody and gory zombie snowman.
Each ornament measures approximately three inches tall and is sure to add a touch of zombie class and style to any tree or other Christmas decorations.

Each of these ornaments features plenty of gore and blood splatter to add to the festive undead fun. Pick up a set of these ornaments today! They’re priced under $20 for a set of four making them affordable enough to purchase a couple sets for your tree or extra sets for friends and family. For ordering details click the image or link above or use the “buy now” button below.


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Zombie Bookends http://www.zombiegift.com/2014/11/13/zombie-bookends/ http://www.zombiegift.com/2014/11/13/zombie-bookends/#comments Thu, 13 Nov 2014 04:02:26 +0000 http://www.zombiegift.com/?p=5905 Zombie Gifts Zombie Bookends

Zombie Bookends Book ends gift

Zombie Bookends


We’re zombie fans too, we feel your pain. Your zombie book and movie collection is out of control and it needs to be organized. We’ve found the perfect zombie gift for any zombie book and movie aficionado. These zombie bookends are perfect for holding up your zombie novels, The Walking Dead comic collection and all of your Zombie DVDs and Blu-rays.

These sturdy steel bookends measure approximately 7″ by 5.9″ by 5.7″. Each gorgeous zombie bookend measures features a different zombie. To make each bookend even more awesome, the zombie appears to be punched out of it’s bookend at a right angle. This makes the zombie visible from two different angles and gives the appearance the zombies are holding up your books and movies!

If you’re looking for the perfect unique and affordable zombie gift for home or office, this is a great solution. Priced under twenty bucks per pair, you can afford to hold up all your zombie books and movies with these amazing bookends. For more details and ordering information, click the image or link above or the button below!


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Browse zombie bookends on Amazon:

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Dead Panic Zombie Board Game http://www.zombiegift.com/2014/11/11/dead-panic-zombie-board-game/ http://www.zombiegift.com/2014/11/11/dead-panic-zombie-board-game/#comments Tue, 11 Nov 2014 14:20:22 +0000 http://www.zombiegift.com/?p=5900 Dead Panic Board Game

Dead Panic Board Game Zombie Board Game

Dead Panic – Zombie Board Game


You love your family and friends, but let’s be honest . . . game night can be boring. Sometimes you need to spice things up with a good zombie board game. Dead Panic is the perfect answer. Dead panic is a cooperative board game that is sure to put your zombie apocalypse team to the test. Choose a playable character and team up in a remote cabin in the woods. The cabin, located in the center of the woods, will be attacked by waves of the undead that close in from the outer edges of the game board. Ranged weapons will allow players to attack from a distance. If the zombies are able to break through the cabin walls, you’ll need to fight them off in hand to hand combat against the undead.

Although supplies are limited, you can scavenge items from the cabin to give you a slight advantage. If you’re able to hang on and survive long enough, survivors will bring pieces of a radio to call for a rescue. Once help arrives each character has to leave the cabin and make it out alive.

This fun and fast paced zombie board game for 2 to 6 players. This zombie game offers tense, thrilling and streamlined gameplay to keep players engaged and in the action.

Unique character abilities keep things interesting and offers high replayabilitiy. Think your out of the action when your dead? Think again. Characters who die return as zombies and continue playing by hunting down and trying to eat their former teammates.

Dead Panic is recommended for ages 13 and up and supports 2 to 6 players. Routine play time is about 90 minutes. For more details or ordering information, click the image or links above, or use the resources below.

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Buy Dead Panic at Amazon:

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Zombie Pen – Zombie Eating Leg Ball Point Pen http://www.zombiegift.com/2014/10/26/zombie-pen-zombie-eating-leg-ball-point-pen/ http://www.zombiegift.com/2014/10/26/zombie-pen-zombie-eating-leg-ball-point-pen/#comments Sun, 26 Oct 2014 21:16:26 +0000 http://www.zombiegift.com/?p=5894 Zombie Eating Leg Pen - Zombie Pen Gift

Zombie Pen – Zombie Eating Leg

Add some gruesome and funny zombie style to your school or office supplies with this zombie ink pen. This zombie ball point pen is constructed of durable poly resin and features a zombie head munching on some unlucky human’s leg.  If you’re looking for the perfect zombie stocking stuffer or back to school gift this just might be it. This zombie pen is sure to please zombie fan both young and old. The funny and gory design of this zombie gift is will satisfy hardcore and casual zombie fans alike.

Since it is priced under $5.00, this makes for a unique and affordable zombie gift idea!


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Zombie Plush Key Chain http://www.zombiegift.com/2014/10/22/zombie-plush-key-chain/ http://www.zombiegift.com/2014/10/22/zombie-plush-key-chain/#comments Wed, 22 Oct 2014 12:27:55 +0000 http://www.zombiegift.com/?p=5889 Zombie Key chain plush toy zombie gift

Plush Zombie Keychain

Protect your car keys, decorate your backpack or purse, or just enjoy playing with your new plush zombie friend. This plush zombie key chain measures approximately 4 inches tall. This adorable zombie gift is cute enough for kids ages 8 and up, while still being gross and gruesome enough to satisfy older zombie fans.  This zombie key chain features a soft plush zombie with wild black fuzzy hair, bloodshot eyes and a bloody mouth.  He clearly loves the tasty of brains!

This affordable zombie gift is priced under $4 and makes a great stocking stuffer and is the perfect addition to any zombie gift!


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Zombie Chocolate Candy Mold – Delicious Dead http://www.zombiegift.com/2014/10/18/zombie-chocolate-candy-mold-delicious-dead/ http://www.zombiegift.com/2014/10/18/zombie-chocolate-candy-mold-delicious-dead/#comments Sat, 18 Oct 2014 16:07:08 +0000 http://www.zombiegift.com/?p=5881 Zombie candy mold toppers on cake

zombie chocolate candy moldzombie candy mold toppers

Zombie Candy Mold

Maybe you made the perfect cake for your Walking Dead viewing party or zombie movie night and now you need the perfect cake topper. Maybe you’re looking to make some awesome zombie themed candy, soaps or figures. Whatever your zombie themed molding needs happen to be, this awesome zombie chocolate mold can help.
Each “Delicious Dead” zombie chocolate mold is made of flexible food-grade silicone.

Each full mold measures approximately 8.6 inches by 6.75 inches by 1 inch. The zombies measure just over one inch tall or long. These molds are oven safe, microwave safe and dishwasher safe, making use and cleanup a breeze. Easy cleanup is not typical with other tasks you might do with zombies in your kitchen.

Each affordable zombie candy mold will allow you to create a zombie themed diorama or scene including 2 full zombies, 1 zombie torso, 2 skulls, 1 cat, 1 wall section, 1 coffin and 6 tombstone grave markers.

The possibilities with this ThinkGeek exclusive creation are nearly endless! Add versatility to your zombie kitchen, come up with the perfect finishing touch for your Halloween party and explore countless other uses with this affordable zombie gift.

Click the link or images above or the button below for more details and for ordering information.


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