The Walking Dead “Gone Viral” T-Shirt

Walking Dead Gone Viral T-Shirt   This officially licensed The Walking Dead t-shirt features screen printed images of zombies from the AMC television show. It also features a small red The Walking Dead logo in the lower right corner and a large white “GONE VIRAL” with bright red blood splatters within the lettering. This black […]

Zombie Head Purse and Shoulder Bag

    Zombie Shoulder Bag with Popping Eyes   This zombie shoulder bag would make the perfect gift for the zombie loving lady in your life (even if that zombie loving lady is yourself). This zombie purse features a bright green zombie head with exposed brains on the front. The best feature has to be […]

Zombie Hand Statue

Undead Zombie Hand Collectible Statue Figurine   This zombie hand statue is a true work of zombie art. It’s the perfect combination of cute and gross. With it’s worms, spiders and exposed muscle and bone it is gross enough to satisfy hardcore zombie fans and collectors. The coloring is just off enough to make it […]

Zombie Hunter Messenger Bag

Zombie Hunter Messenger Ba This 100% cotton canvas messenger bag features a great “Zombie Hutner” design.  The material is enzyme washed and pigment dyed and it looks better as it wears and ages. This bad features a large raw edge flap with magnetic snap closure. This zombie themed bag also sports inside and outside zipped […]

Zombie Abraham Lincoln Coin Bank

      Zombie Abraham Lincoln Coin Bank  Need a classy way to store all those pennies and other loose change? Then you need this Zombie Abraham Lincoln coin bank! This resin coin bank is shaped like the Lincoln Memorial…done zombie style. This zombie Abraham Lincoln coin bank measures about 7″ x 6-1/2″ x 6-1/2″. […]

Run! Zombies Are Coming!!! Zombie T-Shirt

Run! Zombies Are Coming!! Zombie T-Shirt   Keep Calm and Carry On? Not when there’s zombies. Not everyone is going to shoot it out when the zombies come. It’s fight or flight during times of stress and many will simply run. This t-shirt is for them. This zombie t-shirt features the traditional “Keep Calm and […]

Keep Calm and Shoot Zombies T-Shirt

  Keep Calm and Shoot Zombies T-Shirt   Keep Calm and Carry On? Not during the zombie apocalypse! This zombie t-shirt features blood spatters, shotguns, a brain and the phrase “KEEP CALM AND SHOOT ZOMBIES”. This zombie t-shirt is available in men’s fit, women’s fit and even oversize t-shirts up to 6XL! These 100% preshrunk […]

Z Is For Zombie T-Shirt

Zombie T-Shirt: Z is for Zombie Z is for Zombie..that’s good enough for me! This awesome zombie t-shirt features the letter “Z” done full zombie style. There’s bubbling festering rotting decayed flesh, exposed brain and muscle and so much more! This simple but sytlish zombie t-shirt is available in both men’s and women’s fit. You […]

Zombie Ear Keychain

Zombie Ear Keychain Daryl Dixon would be so proud. Of course this isn’t a bunch of real rotted zombie ears strung around your neck, but it’s close enough. This awesome zombie gift is crafted out of durable resin cast in the shape of a “real” zombie ear. It even has a keyring loop in just […]

Ceramic Zombie Mug

ZOMBIE MUG Need a gruesome zombie head mug to start your day? Fill this undead noggin with hot coffee and traumatize your co-coworkers. Or just use it to store pencils on your desk. That’s your call.  One thing is certain: this zombie mug makes a perfect unique zombie gift. It features a gross and gruesome […]

If I Only Had Some … Braaains! Zombie T-Shirt

    Zombie Scarecrow T-Shirt   The scarecrow was a zombie. Face it. He was highly uncoordinated. The mere act of walking was a challenge for him. Most importantly, he spent his life searching for a brain. A braaaain! If you need further proof I present Exhibit A: This awesome Zombie Scarecrow T-Shirt. It features […]

Zombie Scarecrow Wizard of Oz T-Shirt

Zombie Scarecrow T-Shirt Brains   It finally all makes sense. Now I know the true reason behind Scarecrow’s incessant never-ending search for a brain. It’s not that he was dumb. The real reason was he was hungry. Dorthy’s friend Scarecrow was actually a zombie. I know. My mind was blown too. How did we miss […]

Daryl Dixon Zombie Ears Crossbow Costume Hoodie

BACK Walking Dead Daryl Dixon Costume Ear Necklace Crossbow Full Zipper Hooded Sweatshirt This officially licensed The Walking Dead sweatshirt is the perfect unique gift for the Daryl Dixon fan. This Daryl Dixon inspired sweatshirt features a double sided costume design. This heather grey sweatshirt features bloody hand prints, blood stains and Daryl Dixon’s zombie […]

Warning Please Do Not Feed The Zombies Lunch Box

  WARNING: PLEASE DO NOT FEED THE ZOMBIES Lunch Box   This tin zombie themed lunch box is the perfect combination of utility and public service. Not only does this awesome zombie lunch box hold your grub, it reminds you and all who read it to NOT feed the zombies. Sure they look cute. Feeding […]

Chocolate Zombie Easter Bunny Candy

  Chocolate Zombie Easter Bunny ~$14.99   Chocolate Zombie Easter bunnies are harder to catch than you might think. Many people want to snatch them up for the Easter baskets of their loved ones. However most suppliers of the these undead white chocolate zombie bunny treats typically sell out quickly before Easter. That’s why I’m […]

Zombie Plush Toy – Gund Gunderground Zombie Rocker Toy

Zombie Plush Toy – Gund Gunderground Guitar Boy This adorable plush zombie toy is sure to please zombie fans of any age. This zombie stuffed animal is clearly a rocker at heart. He features a shirt with a guitar, a punk blue streak in his hair, star eye makeup and even a lightning bolt tattoo. […]

Zombie Plush Toy – Gund Gunderground Plush Skateboard Boy

Zombie Plush Toy- Gund Zombie Skateboard Boy Stuffed Animal Do you want to cuddle up with a zombie but you’re fearful of being bitten? Zombie plush toys and zombie stuffed animals are the perfect answer! Who wouldn’t want to cuddle up with a zombie plushie this cute? This stuffed zombie toy is a skateboard boy. […]

Zombie Plush Toy – Gund Gunderground Peace Zombie Boy Plush Toy

Zombie Plush Toy – Gund Gunderground Peace Boy Zombie Plush Toy Zombies aren’t normally cute and cuddly, but THIS plush zombie toy sure is. This plush zombie toy features a hippie zombie boy in all his plush zombie glory. Maybe the zombie apocalypse will be much more peaceful than we originally anticipated? One thing we […]