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Zombie Rescue Team Hooded Sweatshirt Zombie Gifts

Zombie Rescue Team Hoodie

Stay warm and comfortable while letting the public know you provide a valuable service with this Zombie Rescue Team hoodie. This red hooded sweatshirt makes a great subtle zombie gift idea. This zombie hoodie features a large “Zombie Rescue Team: North America Unit” graphic in white on the back. The front left chest area features […]
Zombie Rocker T-shirt Zombie tee zombie t-shirt zombie gifts

Zombie Rocker Zombie T-shirt

Zombie Rocker T-Shirt   Zombies rock. You rock. What more of a reason do you need to own this awesome zombie rocker t-shirt? This 100% ring spun cotton t-shirt features an amputated zombie hand throwing the rocker sign. Of course it’s easy because this zombie hand is already missing two middle fingers. This large design […]

Zombie Belt Buckle

Zombie Belt Buckle We’ve been over this time and time again. You need a belt. Why you ask? Let’s think about this. When the zombies come you’ll have enough to worry about. Drooping drawers shouldn’t be your main concern. You can’t let a sagging pair of pants be your downfall. One trip and fall and […]
Zombie Pajamas

Undead Zombie Pajamas

Zombie Pajamas – Zombie Sleepwear Winter is coming and you need some new warm, fuzzy and stylish PJ’s. You need something that are so stylish and so comfy that you sleep like the dead. Of course when you decide  to reanimate if Z-Day has gone down during your nap these zombie pajamas serve double duty. […]
Walking Minion Shirt

The Walking Minion – Walking Dead Minion Parody Shirt

The Walking Minion: Walking Dead Minion T-Shirt Is it just me or does that Minion look a lot like Sheriff Rick Grimes? This funny zombie t-shirt is a parody of both The Walking Dead and Despicable Me minions.  This 100% cotton pre-shrunk t-shirt features shoulder to shoulder taped seams, a lay flat collar and an […]

Zombie Foot Socks – Plants vs. Zombies Socks

  Plants vs. Zombies Zombie Feet Socks – $9.95   You need to keep your feet warm. You also don’t want your your shoes to stink due to your smelly, sweaty dogs….if only socks weren’t so boring. Oh how I wish there were more cool zombie socks out there. Maybe some socks that allow me […]

Run! Zombies Are Coming!!! Zombie T-Shirt

Run! Zombies Are Coming!! Zombie T-Shirt   Keep Calm and Carry On? Not when there’s zombies. Not everyone is going to shoot it out when the zombies come. It’s fight or flight during times of stress and many will simply run. This t-shirt is for them. This zombie t-shirt features the traditional “Keep Calm and […]

Keep Calm and Shoot Zombies T-Shirt

  Keep Calm and Shoot Zombies T-Shirt   Keep Calm and Carry On? Not during the zombie apocalypse! This zombie t-shirt features blood spatters, shotguns, a brain and the phrase “KEEP CALM AND SHOOT ZOMBIES”. This zombie t-shirt is available in men’s fit, women’s fit and even oversize t-shirts up to 6XL! These 100% preshrunk […]

Z Is For Zombie T-Shirt

Zombie T-Shirt: Z is for Zombie Z is for Zombie..that’s good enough for me! This awesome zombie t-shirt features the letter “Z” done full zombie style. There’s bubbling festering rotting decayed flesh, exposed brain and muscle and so much more! This simple but sytlish zombie t-shirt is available in both men’s and women’s fit. You […]

Zombie Hands T-Shirt

Zombies Hands T Shirt – from $16.99   Some of the best zombie t-shirts are the simplest designs. This minimalist zombie t-shirt design is the perfect example. It features a pair of black zombie hands reaching up from the bottom of the t-shirt. They almost look like they are reaching from the grave to grab your […]

Zombie Statue of Liberty Zombie USA T-Shirt

Zombie Statue of Liberty T-Shirt   This zombie Statue of Liberty T-Shirt is sure to make a great zombie gift for that true blue, patriotic zombie fan in your life. This great zombie t-shirt features a zombie statue of liberty along with the “Zombie USA logo”. These zombie shirts are a comfortable machine washable cotton […]

Zombie Love Brains – Zombie T-Shirt

Zombie T-Shirt: “Zombie Love Brains”   Zombies and Brains…it’s a love story as old as time itself. This zombie t-shirt would make a great zombie themed valentine’s day gift. This shirt features a zombie along with two candy hearts that read “Love” and “Brains”. This zombie t-shirt is available in your choice of colors in […]

Zombie Panda T-Shirt

Zombie Panda T-Shirt – Men’s and Women’s Fit   Pandas are smart and seemingly docile animals. Zombie pandas are just as smart and they’re NOT so docile. Bamboo isn’t enough for these adorable  flesh craving black and white bears. Please don’t feed the pandas? That sign no longer applies because our panda friend has changed […]

Zombie T-Shirt – You Nailed My Gift

  You Nailed My Gift Zombie T-Shirt – Men’s and Women’s Fit (From $14.95)   It’s not hard to shop for a zombie. Shopping for a zombie fanatic that has it all can be a different story however. Luckily there are unique zombie gifts out there to take care of both problems. Take for example […]

Zombies Ate My Homework Zombie T-Shirt

  Zombies Ate My Homework Zombie T-shirt – Men’s and Women’s Fit     Stop blaming it on the dog! Now you can blame that missing assignment on the walking dead!  This zombie t-shirt features the phrase “Zombies Ate my Homework” along with the image of a cool looking long haired zombie wearing a red […]

Zombie Attack Zombie Scarf

Zombie Attacked Fleece Scarf   Keep your head and neck warm during the zombie apocalypse with this awesome fleece zombie attack hooded scarf. This gray scarf features green zombie claw marks all over and even an exposed brain! At the time of this posting it’s priced at just $19.99. Click the link or picture above, […]