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Zombie Tramp Statue Zombie Gift

Zombie Tramp Statue

Zombie Tramp Statue This beautiful zombie statue commemorates the year anniversary of the Zombie Tramp comic. This hand painted statue is beautifully crafted in 1:6 scale and measures approximately 6 inches tall. Designed by creator Dan Mendoza and sculpted by Eye 5 toys, this stunning undead collectible is the perfect addition to any fan of […]

Zombie Belt Buckle

Zombie Belt Buckle We’ve been over this time and time again. You need a belt. Why you ask? Let’s think about this. When the zombies come you’ll have enough to worry about. Drooping drawers shouldn’t be your main concern. You can’t let a sagging pair of pants be your downfall. One trip and fall and […]

West Georgia Correctional Facility Walking Dead Inspired T-Shirt

West Georgia Correctional Facility Walking Dead T-Shirt   This Walking Dead inspired T-shirt features a very cool “West Georgia Correctional Facility” prison logo design. This zombie t-shirt features an image of the two guard towers, the army helicopter and a creepy image of a zombie hand reaching out through the prison’s outer chain link fence. […]

Property of Daryl Dixon Girls Tank Top

Property of Daryl Dixon Girls Tank Top Proudly show the world you belong to Daryl Dixon with this Daryl Dixon tank top that reads “Property of Daryl Dixon.” This black racer back girls tank top features a black and white image of Daryl Dixon pointing his crossbow and the phrase “Property of Daryl Dixon” written […]

The Walking Dead Zombie Eye Hole Bottle Opener

The Walking Dead Zombie Eye Hole Bottle Opener   Need to crack open a cold one in style? Spare your teeth and open that bottle in zombie style! This zombie eye hole bottle opener is an officially licensed The Walking Dead collectible. This all metal bottle opener measures about 3 -1/2 inches tall and features […]

Keep Calm and Shoot Zombies T-Shirt

  Keep Calm and Shoot Zombies T-Shirt   Keep Calm and Carry On? Not during the zombie apocalypse! This zombie t-shirt features blood spatters, shotguns, a brain and the phrase “KEEP CALM AND SHOOT ZOMBIES”. This zombie t-shirt is available in men’s fit, women’s fit and even oversize t-shirts up to 6XL! These 100% preshrunk […]

Walking Dead Don’t Open Dead Inside Hoodie Sweatshirt

The Walking Dead: Dead Inside Men’s Zip Hoodie Who can forget that epic moment from Episode 1 of AMC’s The Walking Dead when Rick Grimes wakes from his coma and stumbles out of his hospital room into a hospital that looks like a war zone? Any fan of the the show will remember when he […]

The Walking Dead Series 2 Figures: Black and White Bloody 3 Pack

The Walking Dead TV: Bloody Black and White Zombie 3 Pack – McFarlane Toys Here’s yet another set of Series 2 The Walking Dead TV action figures to collect from McFarlane Toys. This set of 3 zombie figures is a special Bloody Black and White edition to honor the Walking Dead comic, which is always […]

The Survivor Zombie T-Shirt

Zombie The Survivor T-shirt It’s zombie t-shirt designs like this that make me wish I was a better artist. We love this design entitled “The Survivor”.  It is a pen and ink style drawing featuring one very tough survivor standing atop a large pile of slaughtered zombies. The beat up survivor and sledgehammer perched on […]

Zombie Soap

Clean up your act with some fresh and clean zombie soap!  Zombie Soap Zombies are messy business. Whether you’re killing them or scrambling to avoid them, you’ll get down and dirty.  Thankfully zombie fans can now clean up their act with these unique handmade zombie soaps.  Each bar of blood red zombie soap measures about […]

Daryl Dixon Crossbows T-Shirt

Dixon Crossbows T-Shirt This unique zombie t-shirt is a tribute to everyone’s favorite crossbow wielding zombie slayer, Daryl Dixon, from The Walking Dead. This zombie t-shirt features an image of a zombie hand with an arrow shot through it and the slogan “Dixon Crossbows: Always a Dead Shot.” The stunning artwork on this zombie t-shirt […]

The Walking Dead RV There Yet Men’s T-Shirt

The Walking Dead RV There Yet Men’s T-shirt $19.99 to $22.99   This awesome Walking Dead T-shirt features a funny tribute to Dale and his beloved RV. The shirt features a tourist t-shirt style design featuring the word “Georgia” in a script font at the top. Underneath a black and white RV with red blood […]

Zombies Make Better Boyfriends T-Shirt

Zombies Make Better Boyfriends T-shirt – $14.95 to $16.95: While I can’t speak from experience, I have heard many women comment that zombie men make better boyfriends. After some thought, it really does make sense. Zombies don’t say much, so the odds of saying the wrong thing are slim to none. Zombies aren’t very shallow […]

The Walking Dead: Rise of The Governor

Walking Dead The Rise of the Governor -$24.99 @ ThinkGeek Anyone familiar with The Walking Dead comic will know the Governor character.  This sick and twisted man dispenses his own form of cruel justice. You know, little things like chopping off limbs and appendages of his foes, making his prisoners battle zombies…little things like that.  That […]

Zombie Mount Rushmore Key and Mail Holder

Zombie Mount Rushmore Key and Mail Holder – $29.95 Keep yourself organized with this Zombie Mount Rushmore Key and Mail Holder.  This awesome zombie gift measures approximately  12″ x 6″ x 2″. It has 4 brass key hooks to hang the keys to your zombie apocalypse vehicle or your station wagon. (Or both if you don’t […]

Zombies Never Die Wallet

Zombies Never Die – $17.95 Protect that cash and those credit cards with this sick zombie wallet from Sourpuss. Even though though money and credit cards will be useless when the dead walk the earth, you might as well protect them while you wait for the zombie apocalypse. We can’t think of a better way […]