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Zombie Dress Up Reusable Wall Decals

Zombie Dress Up Wall Decals – $14.95 Finally you can use the walls of your home, dorm, or office as they were meant to be used….as a canvas for zombie dress up fun! This set of 11 reusable fabric zombie decals is sure to be a hit with any zombie fan. Your set of zombie […]

Zombie Time Zombie T-Shirt

Zombie Time T-Shirt – $10.00 This zombie t-shirt is one of my favorite zombie shirt designs. It’s simple, funny and something that only a true zombie film fan will notice and fully appreciate. The zombie’s hand on the this t-shirt features a watch that tells time in ‘Zombie Time”.  There are no hours in this zombie’s […]

Zombie Defense 101 T-shirt

Zombie Defense 101 T-shirt $19.95 – $21.95 Defending yourself against zombies doesn’t need to be all that difficult. All you really need is a fresh (or even not so fresh) brain and a bear trap. Problem solved. OK so it may not be as fun as double tapping with your 12 gauge pump…but sometimes quiet […]

Zombie Brain Freeze Ice Cube and Candy Molds

Brain Freeze Ice Cube Molds Here is the perfect addition to a zombie themed party, Halloween, or to that zombie themed kitchen. These brain ice cube molds create realistic looking brain ice cubes and more. These food grade silicone trays are soft,flexible, and stick resistant. They are perfect for making brain shaped ice cubes. Although […]