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The Watching Dead Zombie T-Shirt

The Watching Dead T-Shirt   Isn’t this what we all look like on many Sunday nights here in the United States? Zombie fans outside of the U.S., the day and time varies but it’s almost universally the same. We never miss an episode and we’re glued to the screen whenever The Walking Dead airs. Whether […]

Keep Calm We Are All Infected Zombie T-Shirt

Keep Calm: We Are All Infected – Zombie T-Shirt   There’s no need to panic. If Dr. Jenner was right, we already know we’re all infected. It’s just a matter of time before we’re dead and then shambling the earth as a living dead walker. This zombie t-shirt features the phrase, “KEEP CALM WE ARE […]

Be Smarter, Eat Brains! Zombie T-Shirt

    Be Smarter, Eat Brains! Zombie T-Shirt   Maybe zombies aren’t so dumb after all. Maybe they’re just physically inferior but behind all that decomposing flesh and shambling maybe they’re true geniuses. The secret to getting smarter may just be in eating some tasty brains. We can’t lie. We wish the graphic artist behind […]

Keep Calm and Shoot Zombies T-Shirt

  Keep Calm and Shoot Zombies T-Shirt   Keep Calm and Carry On? Not during the zombie apocalypse! This zombie t-shirt features blood spatters, shotguns, a brain and the phrase “KEEP CALM AND SHOOT ZOMBIES”. This zombie t-shirt is available in men’s fit, women’s fit and even oversize t-shirts up to 6XL! These 100% preshrunk […]

Z Is For Zombie T-Shirt

Zombie T-Shirt: Z is for Zombie Z is for Zombie..that’s good enough for me! This awesome zombie t-shirt features the letter “Z” done full zombie style. There’s bubbling festering rotting decayed flesh, exposed brain and muscle and so much more! This simple but sytlish zombie t-shirt is available in both men’s and women’s fit. You […]

If I Only Had Some … Braaains! Zombie T-Shirt

    Zombie Scarecrow T-Shirt   The scarecrow was a zombie. Face it. He was highly uncoordinated. The mere act of walking was a challenge for him. Most importantly, he spent his life searching for a brain. A braaaain! If you need further proof I present Exhibit A: This awesome Zombie Scarecrow T-Shirt. It features […]

Zombie Hands T-Shirt

Zombies Hands T Shirt – from $16.99   Some of the best zombie t-shirts are the simplest designs. This minimalist zombie t-shirt design is the perfect example. It features a pair of black zombie hands reaching up from the bottom of the t-shirt. They almost look like they are reaching from the grave to grab your […]

Love Brains Zombie T-Shirt

Zombie Love Brains Candy Heart T-Shirt – Men’s and Women’s Fit   Zombie shirts can be subtle. They don’t need to be all up in your face with rotting flesh and blood spatters. Some of the best funny zombie t-shirts are subtle and quirky little gems like this one. This zombie t-shirt is decorated with […]

Adventure Time Zombies T-Shirt

Adventure Time Zombie Group Black T-Shirt -$15.99 This great zombie t-shirt features Finn and his friends as zombies. When the zombie apocalypse hits the Land of Ooo, nobody is immune. This awesome black zombie t-shirt is priced well under $20.00 and is sure to be a hit with fans of Cartoon Network’s hit show Adventure Time. […]

Zombie Burger T-Shirt

Zombie Burger – $6.00 Mmmm..brain-burger! Zombies aren’t quite as primal as we make them out to be. If it weren’t for all the running, screaming and fleeing they’d really prefer a nice fresh brain-burger on a delicious bun with some condiments. Unfortunately they typically don’t have time for that. Get this amazing Zombie Burger t-shirt […]

The Walking Dead “Don’t Git Bit” Zombie T-Shirt

The Walking Dead Don’t Git Bit Zombie Words T-Shirt – $19.88 to $22.88  This Walking Dead Don’t Git Bit T Shirt is a 100% cotton black zombie t-shirt with the words “Don’t Git Bit” spelled out in a sick red distressed print. Images of popular zombies from the TV show are displayed within the letters. A small […]

Zombie Propaganda T-Shirt

Zombie Propaganda T-Shirt: $24.00 This zombie t-shirt captures the spirit of those old military propaganda posters. This shirt has a decisively anti-zombie sentiment. It urges us to fight back against zombies and “aim for the head”.  This zombie t-shirt design comes on a premium 100% cotton t-shirt in your choice of 10 different color options. […]

The Walking Dead “We Are All Infected” Zombie T-Shirt

The Walking Dead Warning We Are All Infected Sign Zombies T-Shirt -$19.88 to $22.88 By now everyone should know what Dr. Jenner whispered in Rick’s ear in AMC’s The Walking Dead. We’re all infected and we need to remember that! This awesome zombie t-shirt features the Walking Dead logo, a horde of zombies and a warning […]

Party With Zombies – Zombie T-Shirt

‘Party With Zombies’ Tee – $14.99   Zombies go hard. They work hard and they play hard. You haven’t lived until you’ve partied with zombies. This awesome black zombie t-shirt features the phrase “Party With Zombies” in a zombie style font. The word “Zombies” is even dripping with blood and covered in blood spatters. It definitely […]

The Plague Zombie T-Shirt

The Plague Zombie T-Shirt – $19.50: The dead walk the earth. You’ve found temporary shelter in a large home in the woods. You’ve cut the lights and sit silently.  It’s pitch black inside but the dead can smell you, sense you, and probably almost taste your living flesh. You don’t have time to cover the […]

The Horde – Zombie T-Shirts and Hoodies for Guys and Gals

 The Horde – Starting at $20.00 (Design available on Men’s and Women’s Tees, Hoodies and Zip Hoodies!) Sometimes you’re just screwed. It happens in everyday life and it is sure to happen to the best of us during the zombie apocalypse. This awesome zombie t-shirt design features one lone survivor standing on top of a […]