The Walking Dead Teddy Bear Girl Animated Zombie Prop

Walking Dead Teddy Bear Girl Animated Prop

Walking Dead Teddy Bear Girl Animated Prop

This incredibly awesome animated zombie prop is based off of the Teddy Bear girl Sheriff Rick Grimes shoots in Season 1 Episode 1 of AMC’s hit television show, The Walking Dead.  This officially licensed Walking Dead collectible is a life-sized recreation of the Teddy Bear girl zombie. Her face is sculpted with the same hideous exposed jaw muscles and teeth seen in the TV show. She’s wearing the same pink bunny slippers, wearing similar pink pajamas and robe and she’s even carrying her beloved pink teddy bear.

This zombie prop stands 54″ tall. She’s incredibly detailed and features bruised legs, bloody and tattered clothing and blonde hair. The best part of this zombie collectible has to be the animated effects.

Powered by only 4 AA batteries (included) this zombie girl glides across the floor in a creepy stop and go style. She also emits blood curdling gurgles and zombie screams sure to scare the heck out of all your family, friends, and visitors!

This item was a Spirit Halloween exclusive and was a hot Halloween item for years! This would make the perfect zombie decoration, Halloween decoration, or zombie gift for the Walking Dead fan!

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PRODUCT AVAILABILITY UPDATE: This product is a Spirit Halloween exclusive and it is often unavailable via Spirit Halloween. As a result this item has become very popular with collectors over the past couple years. You may want to CLICK HERE to check availability of this product on ebay.

Check out this detailed review a YouTube user posted about this product. Please note this is NOT our review. He isn’t associated with our site, nor do we have any sort of association. We just  thought he did an excellent job reviewing this product!



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