Poncho Daryl Dixon and Zombie Merle Dixon: New Series 3 Walking Dead Pop! Vinyl Figures From Funko







New information has recently been released about the additional variants and figures available in the upcoming third series of Funko’s Pop! Vinyl Walking Dead line.

We’ve already told you about Rick, The Governor, Prison Guard Zombie, and different variants of the Governor. The latest additions to be announced are Zombie Merle Dixon and Daryl Dixon wearing his trusty poncho!

There is a LOT of dispute on the internet about just where you can get some of these figures. There is much debate stating the Merle Dixon zombie and Poncho Daryl figures are Hot Topic exclusives. I haven’t seen any official word on that as of yet.  Since the Merle zombie figure is already popping up on various toy sites for pre-order the Hot Topic exclusive angle might not have any truth.

We’ve also heard talk of the Blood Spatter Governor being a Fugitive Toys exclusive, but we’ve already posted and verified it’s available for pre-order on sites such as EntertainmentEarth.com.

Here’s what we’ve seen being reported:

The Walking Dead Pop! Vinyl Series 3 Normal Line

• The Governor #66
• Rick Grimes #67
• Prison Guard Walker #68
• Merle Dixon  #69


The Walking Dead Pop! Vinyl Series 3 Exclusive Variants

  • Bloody Gauze Eye Patch Governor Pop! – Previews World Exclusive #70
  • Zombie Merle Pop! – Hot Topic Exclusive #71
  • Poncho Daryl Pop! – Hot Topic Exclusive #72
  • Blood Splatter Merle Pop! – Conventions Exclusive #?
  • Blood Splatter Governor – Fugitive Toys Exclusive #?

The figures ARE coming. Just whether or not these retailer specific exclusives are truly only available via the listed retailer is still being heavily debated across the internet.  At this point I wouldn’t trust any single report too much until I see it come from Funko directly. Either way the Zombie Merle figure is awesome and a must have. Daryl Dixon fans are sure to love the new poncho version.  Estimated release date is mid July to August. Stay tuned for more details!


2 thoughts on “Poncho Daryl Dixon and Zombie Merle Dixon: New Series 3 Walking Dead Pop! Vinyl Figures From Funko

  1. These are awesome …need to get me some!!!

  2. Rebecca Bechan says:

    Need to get me some of theses lol

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