Zombie Product Review: The Walking Dead Chibis

Walking Dead Chibis

Unless you’ve been barricaded in your safe-house, you probably heard the new Walking Dead Chibis have hit store shelves. For those that don’t know, the term “Chibi” is a Japanese slang term we’ve adopted here in the U.S. It is commonly used to refer to a short person or a character or object that is very small and cute. It’s also the reason we cringed just a little when we heard the folks at Bulls i Toy were bringing AMC’S The Walking Dead characters to market in Chibi form.

Don’t get us wrong, we have faith in Bulls i Toy. They’re the same company behind The Walking Dead Dog Tags and Zombie Pets. Still. . . a die hard fan of The Walking Dead can’t help but worry when Michonne or Rick Grimes are going to be paired with adjectives like “adorable”, “cute” or “miniature.”  We got our hands on some Walking Dead Chibis and decided to post a review. Here’s our two cents on these new collectibles.



The packaging for the new Walking Dead Chibi line is pretty similar to the Walking Dead Dog Tag packaging. That means foil packs and the blind packaging we all love to hate. Buy a pack and you won’t know which Chibis you have until you open it. It’s the stuff that causes collectors to tear their hair out.

Each package of The Walking Dead Chibis we bought retailed for $3.99 each. At first our inner cheapskate was whining. Then we realized there are 3 chibis per pack and our penny pincher side settled right down.

The packs are very easy to open and each one contains a checklist pamphlet and three Walking Dead Chibis. Each pack contains one character Chibi, one walker, and one translucent or rare blood red translucent walker chibi. Check out photos of the packaging and inserts in the gallery below.



How Many are There?
At the moment there are 46 Walking Dead Chibis in total. There are 10 characters and 46 zombies. The walkers include 12 regular painted walkers, 12 translucent versions of the same walkers and 12 “blood red” translucent walkers.

The characters include:

    • Andrea
    • Daryl Dixon
    • Michonne
    • The Governor
    • Maggie
    • Hershel
    • Merle Dixon
    • Rick Grimes
    • Carl Grimes
    • Glenn

The walkers are pretty generic with the exception of Well Walker and a “Girl Walker” that looks like it might be inspired by Addy Miller’s “Teddy Bear Walker.”


What We Received:

Walking Dead Chibis

We plunked down nearly $24.00 for 6 packs of Walking Dead Chibis  for the purposes of this review.  My son and I tore into them to see what we got. We received the following characters:

  • 2 Hershels
  • 1 Glenn
  • 1 Maggie
  • 1 Michonne
  • 1 Rick
  • 1 Well Walker (We affectionately refer to him as “Sloth” or “Baby Ruth.” )
  • 1 Guy Walker 3
  • 2 Guy Walker 5
  • 1 Guy Walker 2
  • 1 Girl Walker 5
  • 1 Translucent Girl Walker
  • 1 Translucent Guy Walker
  • 1 Translucent Girl Walker 2
  • 2 Translucent Girl Walker 6
  • 1 Translucent Girl Walker 4


Walking Dead Chibis Glenn and Maggie

Out of 6 packages and 18 total random Chibis we received only 3 duplicates. That’s actually much better than we expected.  We didn’t find any random insert blood red translucents in our six packs so they might actually be somewhat rare.

Check out photos of the Chibis we received in the gallery below:



What’s Great:

Cute: Awww! They really are cute. Although these are recommended for ages 14 and up we can definitely see younger fans loving these. They are cute enough they shouldn’t terrify younger or more squeamish Walking Dead fans.

Price: We like the fact that these are one of the few affordable Walking Dead collectibles on the market. As long as you can actually find them, you can build your collection slowly and even trade with other collectors to get them all.

Blood Red Translucents: We like the rare random red translucent walkers.

3 Per Pack:  At first we were worried these would be one per pack. At this price three seems about right.

Not Too Many Duplicates: In our small sampling of 6 packs from the same retail box we received only 3 duplicates.


Meh. What’s Not So Great:

Blind Packaging:  We’re penny pinching zombies so we’ve always hated the whole blind packaging thing. I guess obtaining the Chibis you need and trading doubles and triples with friends is supposed to be the fun part. We’ll settle for scouring ebay to save ourselves time and money.

46 In total:  Our wallets hate the fact that we need to hunt down nearly 4 dozen different Chibis!

Translucent Walkers: We just don’t get these.  They look weird and they just don’t have the wow factor like their blood red rare cousins do.  Although it is admittedly over used in the zombie toy world, we would have  much preferred glow in the dark walkers over the translucent variants.

Paint on the Characters:  All of our walkers seem to be painted well. For some reason many of our character Chibis didn’t come out so well. They often feature blemishes and sloppy or incomplete paint work. That being said, we can’t be too hard on them because they’re small.

No Bicycle Girl or Michonne’s Pets:  We aren’t counting this against the Chibis but we thought we’d mention this because it bothered us.  We were hoping a first series would include Bicycle Girl. No such luck.  We were also a little disappointed that there are no pet zombies to display with Michonne. We’ll keep our decomposed fingers crossed these show up in a future series!

The Walker Naming System: The walker naming system is pretty lame. “Girl Walker 2” and “Guy Walker 5.”

Difficult to Match to Checklist: Some of the translucent walkers are hard to match to the checklist. The paint details don’t always match close enough and you have to spend a little time comparing your Chibi to the checklist photo in order to figure out which one you have.

Availability: Anything affordable, cute and Walking Dead related disappears fast. In our experience, Walking Dead collectibles from Bulls i toy disappear from store shelves faster than chickens in Hershel’s barn. You may need to turn to the web to complete  your collection.

Other Observations: We’re not sure whether that’s Well Walker or “Sloth” from The Goonies. We’re going to give him a Baby Ruth and see.

Well Walker Chibi

Is that a Well Walker or Sloth Chibi? You decide!




Final Verdict:

Walking Dead Chibi review 3 out of 5

3 Out of 5

These are OK with us. They’re far from perfect but  my 12 year old son really likes them. I’m sitting alone on the great fence of apathy. That averages out to a 3.0 on our useless 5.0 rating scale.

I can totally see younger fans and Walking Dead fan-girls getting excited over these.  The kid in me thinks they’re pretty cool.  However, the responsible adult  in me thinks a grown man has no business collecting Chibis.  Then again the obsessive compulsive Walking Dead collector within me is kicking and screaming. He’s pretty damn insistent we need to continue throwing money at this until we have all 46 in our collection and neatly on display.

What are YOUR thoughts? Do you like the Walking Dead Chibis or are you sitting this one out?  Let us know in the comments section below!



5 thoughts on “Zombie Product Review: The Walking Dead Chibis

  1. Love the garden zombies #zombies

  2. These are perfect pawns for the Zombie Plague game!

  3. Some friends of mine think these are too cutesy as well, but since there’s no other Walking Dead miniatures this looks like it’s as good as its going to get. 🙁

  4. Personally i love the look of these, just need to find a place to buy them in the UK. Great review 🙂

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