Syfy Announces New Zombie TV Series: “Z Nation”

Zombie News New Zombie TV Series Z Nation Syfy

The zombie news just keeps rolling and it’s sweeping in the over-saturation of the Zombie TV series market along with it. Cable Network Syfy recently announced a new zombie series coming to TV in the Fall of 2014. As if the Walking Dead and the announcement of a Walking Dead spinoff series from AMC isn’t enough small screen undead action, Syfy just announced they’ll be bringing their contribution to zombie TV this fall with the launch of their new 13 episode series, Z Nation.

According to Syfy,the zombie themed drama will be set three years after a zombie virus has plagued the United States. A team of heroes must escort the only known survivor across the country from New York to California where the last remaining viral lab in the U.S. is awaiting his blood . The best part? Z nation is coming from the minds at The Asylum, the same production company that brought Sharknado to life. With the weak title,thin plot premise and the Sharknado team behind it, I’m sure it will be high on cheese and ¬†gloriously goofy CGI special effects. Let’s try to be positive. Maybe it will be awesome.

I can’t promise I’ll like it, but I can promise I’ll be checking it out. I can’t help but think Syfy would have been wise to run this in the off season between seasons of The Walking Dead. As long as they aren’t foolish enough to slide it into the 9-11pm EST time slot on Sundays they’ll probably be ok.

What are your thoughts? Will you be checking Z Nation out or are you going to pass? Do you think more zombie TV series are to come? Let us know what you think in the comment section below.


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