Zombie Survival Can Energy Drink

Zombie Survival Can Energy Drink


Fight, Run, Evade, Hide. . .Whatever your strategy is for surviving the zombie apocalypse you’ll need energy. Sleep will definitely be a luxury and not a daily occurrence when the zombie sh*t hits the fan. Zombie Survival Can Energy Drink is one of the best energy drinks you can have on hand during a zombie apocalypse.

This zombie gift makes the ideal addition to any zombie survival kit. Each 8.4 oz can serves multiple purposes. You’ll need to maximize every resource at your disposal when the zombie invasion goes down and this can is printed with helpful reminders for those who tend to panic. Lack of sleep and the constant threat of being eaten alive by the walking dead can cloud your thinking. Luckily each can reminds you how it can be use as a survival tool.

The can features the following handy reminders on the back:


1. Drink entire contents of can to ensure speedy escape.
2. Fill can with rocks, then throw can at zombie.
3. Substitute for gas mask in case of toxic cloud.
4. Use can to collect rain water. Boil if necessary.
5. Dispose of can properly. Sounds of litter can alert zombies to your presence.


Unlike many energy drinks, this isn’t just repackaged generic Redbull.  Zombie Survival Can Energy Drink is a light red or pink color and has a delicious fruity taste.

It contains the typical ingredients you’d expect from an energy drink, things like caffeine, Taurine, Guarana Extract and Ginseng.  With each serving you’ll also get 210% of the recommended daily value of Vitamin B-12 and 70% of the Vitamin B-6.

These awesome zombie collectibles make the perfect affordable zombie gift. I’ve been unable to locate them locally so ordering online may be your only option. Prices run just under $3 a can. At that price you’ll want to stock up just in case!


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