Zombie Themed Party Supplies and Decorations

Zombie Tableware, Zombie Party Supplies and Zombie Party Accessories

 If you’re throwing a zombie party you need sick zombie party supplies. Our friends over at Oriental Trading have what may be the world’s coolest selection of zombie party decorations. We’ve rounded some of them up here, but there are so many it will make your head swim. If you are planning a zombie birthday party, or a zombie Halloween party then you NEED to check out their entire line.

Zombie Party Plates:

Your zombie party horde will need to eat. Let your zombie party guests eat in sick zombie style with these zombie paper plates. Not only do they look cool, they’ll save you time on the post zombie apocalypse clean up!

Set of 8 Zombie Dessert Paper Plates – $2.00

Set of 8 Zombie Bash Zombie Plates – $3.00

Zombie Party Cups: 

Your zombie party guest will no doubt work up a thirst. Let them quench it with these awesome zombie party supplies!

Set of 8 Paper Zombie Cups – 9 Oz.:   $2.00

Zombie Party Napkins:

It’s no secret, zombies are messy. The eating, the spilling, the dripping festering rotting flesh oozing onto your carpet…it’s all gross. Thankfully you can keep things neat and tidy with these awesome zombie party napkins.

Set of 16 bloody zombie party napkins – $2.25

Set of 16 Zombie Bash Paper Party Napkins – $2.00

Zombie Party Invitations:

Zombies aren’t all that smart. They forget things all the time. So do your guests. Make sure everyone is on time for the zombie party with these awesome zombie party invitations.

UPDATE: 3/12/2014. The zombie party invitations shown here are currently unavailable. We’re leaving them here for reference but there is no estimate on when or if they will be available again.

Set of 8 Zombie Party Invitations – $3.00


Pull Tab Zombie Party Invitations – $5.25 for 12


5 thoughts on “Zombie Themed Party Supplies and Decorations

  1. Cynthia Rodriguez says:

    I want to know how can I order my number is [REDACTED].

    • Ordering is simple. Simply click on the product images or links here and you’ll be taken to our partner site for ordering.

  2. yes, I know what my daughter’s next party them is going to be!!! These are way cool!!

  3. Lynn Whittingham says:

    Can I buy this in australia

    • Unfortunately I believe the supplier only ships to the U.S. and Canada at this time. Feel free to click through any of the links here to inquire however.

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