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The Walking Dead Mini-Busts

The Walking Dead Zombie Gift Michonne Letter Opener

The Walking Dead Zombie Head Letter Opener

The Walking Dead Michonne’s Sword Zombie Head Letter Opener There’s good news and bad news. The bad news is the zombie apocalypse is in full swing and your mailman is now a zombie. The good news is you can take care of business in more ways than one with this awesome Walking Dead Michonne’s Katana […]

The Walking Dead Carl Grimes Mini Bust

Walking Dead Carl Grimes Mini Bust from Gentle Giant Limited Edition   Watching the progression, maturation and sometimes even the downfall of Carl Grimes is one of the pleasures of reading the Walking Dead comic and watching the TV series. It’s hard for a young man growing up in the world to not turn cold […]

The Governor Mini Bust Walking Dead Collectible

  The Governor Mini-Bust When the zombie apocalypse hits the walkers aren’t the only enemy you need to worry about and Season Three of AMC’s The Walking Dead and Robert Kirkman’s comic sure proved that with human characters like The Governor.  The Governor has now been given the Mini-Bust treatment thanks to Gentle Giant LTD. […]