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View all of our awesome zombie gifts and collectibles at once. This category displays ALL of the zombie gifts, collectibles and other zombie merchandise we’ve ever featured on our site! Use the navigation arrows at the bottom of the page to navigate through the products and bask in the epic zombie gift awesomeness!

Remote Control Zombie Toy

R/C Zombie   Are you tired of the mindless walking dead being in control? Are you just a control freak who needs a ¬†greater sense of being in control to make it through the zombie apocalypse? Well we have just the zombie gift for you! This remote control zombie makes an ideal zombie gift for […]

Zombie Jerky: Tasty Teriyaki Terror

Zombie Jerky   Around here we’re so bad we eat zombies for breakfast. No seriously…we eat zombies in delicious jerky form whenever we can. It seems the folks at the CDC can’t cure the horrible virus or other mysterious cause that turns the infected living into the walking dead. They can inactivate the virus after […]

Zombie Desktop Bowling Game

Bowling Zombies Wooden Novelty Game   This simple zombie bowling game is easy to learn and fun for zombie fans of all ages. It features wooden pins painted to look just like zombies. Set it up in seconds on a table, desk, floor, or other hard and flat surface. The object is simple. Try to […]

Zombie Protest T-shirt: Zombies Were People Too

Zombie Protest It was only a matter of time before certain members of society stopped defending humanity and started defending the rights of the undead. Do they reanimated have rights? I’m not so sure. I DO know I can’t let them eat my brains or my loved ones so I don’t concern myself with the […]

Zombie Protest Hoodie: Zombies Were People Too

Zombie Protest Hoodie It was only a matter of time before the hipsters and tree huggers started defending the undead. The zombies are protesting and the living are wearing this sweatshirt to help support the cause. This zombie sweatshirt features an image of a zombie holding a protest sign that reads “zombies were people too”. […]

Zombie Attack Hoodie

Zombie Attack Hoodie   This zombie attack hoodie is a slightly gross and fully awesome representation of how you might look if you survive (or maybe DIDN’T survive?) a zombie attack. It comes complete with blood stains and all the signs that maybe you didn’t survive multiple zombie attacks after all. In fact we’re pretty […]