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Zombie Calendars

Build-A-Zombie 2013 Zombie Paper Craft Calendar

Build-a-Zombie 2013 Paper Craft Calendar – $14.99 Like folding and making your own Zombie Paper craft toys? Well then, the Build-A-Zombie 2013 paper craft calendar is the perfect way for you to stay organized and have fun! Each month provides you with a new zombie theme and a new zombie paper craft toy to cut […]

Surviving the Zombie Outbreak 2013 Mini Calendar

Surviving The Zombie Outbreak Mini Calendar– $7.99    Zombie awareness month? Please! Zombie preparation day? Ha! Those who take preparing for the day when the undead walk the earth know EVERY day is a chance to become more prepared. This 12 month 2013 calendar is filled with tips and advice to help you survive the […]