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Zombie Easter Gifts

Nothing says you have to put your love for zombies on the back burner on Easter Sunday. In fact, we’d argue there is almost no better time to give zombie themed gifts. After all, the holiday is centered around a story of resurrection. With that in mind, you can’t go wrong with some of these Zombie Easter gifts.

Whether you’re hunting for undead chocolate, making a zombie themed basket or looking for a Zombie Easter Bunny you’ll find a zombie Easter gift here to suit your needs. We’ve got ideas that range from funny to terrifying and everything in between.

We’ve gathered some of our favorite choices below. Put a smile on their faces this spring with a thoughtful undead gift for Easter! Browse zombie Easter gifts below!


Zombie Gift Idea Inflatable Drink Cooler

Inflatable Zombie Drink Cooler Decoration

Need to put the finishing touch on your Halloween decorations. Looking for that perfect functional decoration for you zombie themed party? This awesome inflatable zombie drink cooler could be it. It is sure to be the talk of your guests! Inflatable Zombie Drink Cooler and Decoration This scary and hilarious inflatable drink cooler looks just […]
Zombie Farts Candy Bag of Zombie Farts

Bag of Zombie Farts Candy

Bag of Zombie Farts Cotton Candy -“Being Undead Never Tasted So Sweet!”   If you’re searching for a hilarious zombie gift, look no further. Give them a bag of zombie farts. No worries . . . this bag of zombie farts is actually delicious cotton candy! Each bag contains 3 ounces of fruit punch flavored […]

Chocolate Zombie Easter Bunny Candy

  Chocolate Zombie Easter Bunny ~$14.99   Chocolate Zombie Easter bunnies are harder to catch than you might think. Many people want to snatch them up for the Easter baskets of their loved ones. However most suppliers of the these undead white chocolate zombie bunny treats typically sell out quickly before Easter. That’s why I’m […]

Zombie Bunny Lollipops – Zombie Easter Bunny Suckers

Zombie Bunny Lollipops  Looking for the perfect addition to that zombie fan’s Easter basket? Here’s a perfect bloody zombie twist on a cute bunny lollipop. These green zombie bunny lollipops feature gross bloody red highlights and are sure to please any zombie or horror fan. While they may look like dead blood thirsty bunnies they […]
Zombie Chocolate Bars Zombie Candy

Zombie Chocolate Bars

Zombie White Chocolate Bar   Need a unique zombie candy gift for Halloween, Easter, or as a stocking stuffer?  Try one of these deliciously undead sweet zombie chocolate bars from Sugar Plum Chocolates. These zombie candy bars are made of delicious gourmet white chocolate dyed a subtle disgusting zombie green. The crispies inside the zombie […]

Gummy Brain Candy

Gummy Brain Zombie Candy – $9.99   This gummy brain is the perfect way for the modern zombie to get that brain eating sensation without all of the hassle of hunting done a fast moving human. It’s also the perfect treat for the wanna-be zombie humans who don’t have the stomach to crack open a skull […]

Chocolate Zombie Bunny Candy

Put a smile on their face, or strike fear in their hearts,  this Easter with a delicious and adorable Chocolate Zombie Bunny Chocolate Zombie Bunny Candy Just in time for Easter! Here’s one bunny we may NOT want to see hopping down the bunny trail. These Chocolate Zombie Bunnies actually started out as a joke. […]