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Zombie Posters

Warning Zombies Inside Sign made of metal

Metal Warning Zombies Inside Sign

Keep friends safe and enemies away with this metal, “Warning Zombies Inside” sign! WARNING: ZOMBIES INSIDE ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK! Things would go a lot more smoothly if people used helpful signs more. This holds true even during the zombie apocalypse. Signs can help warn of danger and keep unsuspecting passers safe from danger […]
Zombie Window Posters Zombie Gift

Zombie Window Posters

Reusable Backlit Plastic Zombie Window Posters Let’s face it. . . there’s really no safe way to keep actual zombies in your home. Don’t ask how we know. We just do. Fortunately you can have the look of zombies in your windows without all the risk, trouble and that horrible smell. These plastic zombie window […]
zombie arms car magnet zombie gifts

Zombie Arms Car Magnet

Zombie Arms Car Magnet   Decorate your car, truck, SUV or other zombie response vehicle with these zombie arm car magnets. You’ll look just like you’re carting around a member of the living dead with these fun and frightening magnets. These gross decaying zombie hands feature yellow and green fingernails, gray decaying flesh and what […]
Zombie Dead Inside Party Decoration

Don’t Open Dead Inside Zombie Party Decoration

Don’t Open Dead Inside Zombie Party Stand Up   You’re hosting a zombie party and you need something to add some dramatic flair.  Something big, bold and packed with so much zombie awesomeness party-goers will be talking the rest of the night. We’ve got the perfect zombie party decoration. Add some fun zombie style to […]
zombie magnet set

Zombie Dress Up Magnet Set from MAG-NEATO’S(TM)

Zombie with Dress-Up Clothes MAG-NEATO’S(TM) Novelty Magnet Set   Having your own pet zombie to dress up and play with at will sounds great on paper. Doing this with a real shambling member of the walking dead however just doesn’t work out. First it’s just dangerous because they tend to try to eat your face […]

Zombie Head Microwave Door Cling Decoration

Add the perfect finishing touch to your kitchen at Halloween, or all year around, with this gruesome Zombie head microwave door cling decoration! This awesome zombie product sticks to the outside of microwave door and temporarily converts it to a disgusting zombie decoration. The links below will take you to this product on amazon. Grab […]

Walking Dead Michonne Wall Banner

Add some Walking Dead flair to your walls with this huge The Walking Dead Michonne Wall Banner! This gorgeous tapestry style printed fabric banner measures about 7 feet tall and 6 feet wide. That’s some big, bold decor for any room!   The Walking Dead Michonne Wall Banner – 7 ft tall by 6 ft […]

The Walking Dead Zombies Wall Banner

  The Walking Dead – Zombies Wall Banner 5 ft x 7ft   Show your support and love for television’s greatest show, The Walking Dead. This 100% poly wall banner measures a massive 7 feet tall by 5 feet wide and features images of some of the zombies from this iconic series along with the phrase “God […]

The Walking Dead Wall Banner – Atlanta

Make a dramatic impact on your walls with this gorgeous large The Walking Dead Wall Banner! This banner features an iconic scene from Season 1 of TWD when Rick Grimes rides toward downtown Atlanta on horseback.  If the sea of cars fleeing the city and the clear unobstructed path into Atlanta isn’t a clear sign […]

Walking Dead Rick Grimes Banner

  The Walking Dead Banner – Rick Show your love and support for The Walking Dead by hanging this huge banner in your home. This awesome Walking Dead  wall decoration is 100% poly and measures an impressive 84″ wide by 60″ tall. It features hanging grommets and an image of the Season 3 poster with Rick standing […]

Trespassers Will Be Eaten By Zombies Metal Sign

Trespasser Will Be Eaten By Zombies Wall or Yard Sign ~ $24.00 to $28.00   Nobody likes trespassers, uninvited guests, or intruders. Let them know ahead of time that they’ll be used for zombie food if they tread on your property.This fun and witty sign is made in the USA. It is constructed of 20 […]

Zombie Blacklight Poster

We’re generally not fans of blacklights or blacklight posters, but we have to admit this poster is pretty awesome. When you consider the fact that is the creation of comic illustrator extraordinaire Tony Moore it makes it that much cooler. This 24″x36″ blacklight poster features Moore’s classic zombie face illustration done with psychadelic bright colors. […]

Zombie Dress Up Reusable Wall Decals

Zombie Dress Up Wall Decals – $14.95 Finally you can use the walls of your home, dorm, or office as they were meant to be used….as a canvas for zombie dress up fun! This set of 11 reusable fabric zombie decals is sure to be a hit with any zombie fan. Your set of zombie […]

Zombie Wall Decals

Zombie Wall Decals When we came across these awesome zombie wall decals we knew we HAD to share them with you. Looking for an easy way to add some zombie zing to the walls of your home, dorm or office?  These zombie wall decals are the perfect solution. This zombie product is easy to install […]

Zombie Targeting Marksmanship Training: ZTMT Poster

Zombie Training 24 in. x 36 in. Buy This at This zombie poster serves double duty. It looks cool and it just might save the life of someone you care about with the helpful reminders printed on it. This colorful zombie poster reminds you of the importance of head shots while also prioritizing some […]

Novelty Zombie Survival Kit

Zombie Survival Kit This fun novelty zombie survival kit makes a great gag gift for the zombie lover.  It features a bunch of things you just might need in the post zombie apocalypse world.  The kit contains things like: Items include: 10 feet of yellow “Caution: Zombie Outbreak Zone” barrier tape 16 trading cards 4 […]