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Zombie Head Candy Mold

Zombie Head Candy Mold

Looking to nail your next undead themed party? We’ve got your back. Now you can make delicious zombie treats, undead ice cubes and more with this awesome zombie head candy mold. Zombie Head Candy Mold Make your next zombie themed party, or just everyday activities, a hit with this awesome zombie head mold. This professional […]
Zombie Farts Candy Bag of Zombie Farts

Bag of Zombie Farts Candy

Bag of Zombie Farts Cotton Candy -“Being Undead Never Tasted So Sweet!”   If you’re searching for a hilarious zombie gift, look no further. Give them a bag of zombie farts. No worries . . . this bag of zombie farts is actually delicious cotton candy! Each bag contains 3 ounces of fruit punch flavored […]

Chocolate Zombie Fingers – Zombie Candy

  Chocolate Zombie Fingers   Eating plain old fingers is boring. You need some chocolate zombie fingers to satisfy your snack cravings.  These tasty handmade zombie candy fingers are green chocolate zombie “fingers” with red fruit filling wounds. Each finger has unique “wounds” and the red candies inside gush so the fingers “bleed” just a […]

Zombie Poop Bubble Gum

Zombie Poop Bubble Gum – $5.95 Who knew? Zombies poop! Not only do they poop…but they poop delicious round lemon-lime flavored gumballs. Ok, these aren’t really zombie poop but they ARE a great gag gift for the zombie lover on your shopping list. Zombie poop bubble gum consists of about 24 1″ diameter green gum […]

Zombie Head Candy Maker: Doctor Dreadful Zombie Lab

Any child, or adult that is a kid at heart, will love making delicious candy and drinks inside a zombie head. Check out the Zombie Head Candy Maker and check current pricing on amazon by clicking/tapping the links below! Zombie Head Candy Maker Give the perfect zombie gift for that young (or young at heart) […]

Life-Size Giant Gummy Brain

 Giant Life-Size Gummy Brain Today’s socially responsible zombie knows there is a time and place for everything. If you want to be treated with equal rights you can’t go eating brains whenever you want.  You can’t just pull out a bloody cerebral snack at junior’s soccer game. When you can’t have a nice warm brain […]
Zombie Chocolate Bars Zombie Candy

Zombie Chocolate Bars

Zombie White Chocolate Bar   Need a unique zombie candy gift for Halloween, Easter, or as a stocking stuffer?  Try one of these deliciously undead sweet zombie chocolate bars from Sugar Plum Chocolates. These zombie candy bars are made of delicious gourmet white chocolate dyed a subtle disgusting zombie green. The crispies inside the zombie […]

Gummy Brain Candy

Gummy Brain Zombie Candy – $9.99   This gummy brain is the perfect way for the modern zombie to get that brain eating sensation without all of the hassle of hunting done a fast moving human. It’s also the perfect treat for the wanna-be zombie humans who don’t have the stomach to crack open a skull […]

Chocolate Zombie Bunny Candy

Put a smile on their face, or strike fear in their hearts,  this Easter with a delicious and adorable Chocolate Zombie Bunny Chocolate Zombie Bunny Candy Just in time for Easter! Here’s one bunny we may NOT want to see hopping down the bunny trail. These Chocolate Zombie Bunnies actually started out as a joke. […]

Zombie Booger Candy

Looking for a sweet, savory and delicious snack? How about a booger? Try zombie booger candy today! Zombie Booger Candy Yes you read that right…zombie booger candy. If you want a gross zombie gift for a young zombie fan, or just a fun gag gift for zombie fans of any age, this delicious treat is […]

Brain Pops: Brain Shaped Lollipops

Brain Pops – Brain shaped lollipops – Zombie Candy Do you know a zombie or zombie fan with a sweet tooth? These little zombie treats are sure to make the ideal candy gift for young and old zombie fans alike. These green suckers are shaped just like a brain. They are sour apple flavored, which […]

Chocolate Zombie Head Bon Bons With Cherry Brains

Chocolate Zombie Head Bon Bons with Cherry Brains Are you ready for the most awesome chocolate candy ever? In fact this may be the coolest zombie gift we’ve seen to date on this site. So simple and so awesome! How about some dark chocolate zombie head bon bons? These chocolate zombie heads would be delicious […]