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Zombie Belt Buckle

Zombie Belt Buckle We’ve been over this time and time again. You need a belt. Why you ask? Let’s think about this. When the zombies come you’ll have enough to worry about. Drooping drawers shouldn’t be your main concern. You can’t let a sagging pair of pants be your downfall. One trip and fall and …

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Zombie Fight Necktie

Zombie Fight Necktie – $9.99 We realize not everyone can have a job as cool as us. If you need to wear a monkey suit or a shirt and tie everyday there is no need to give up your zombie loving identity.  Now you can show your love for zombies with this awesome zombie necktie. …

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Zombie Girl Pillow

Zombie Girl Pillow This adorable zombi e girl pillow makes the perfect zombie gift for that special zombie loving lady in your life. This zombie pillow features a girl zombie head with some adorable pink pigtails and a zombie face that has seen better days. She’s a little stitched back together and a little bloody…but …

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Munchkin Zombies Game

Looking for some fun with a few friends? This Munchkin Zombies Game puts a zombie themed spin on the classic Munchkin dice and card game. Munchkin Zombies Game It’s the classic Munchkin game with a fun new zombie spin! In the classic Munchkin game you play as adventurers in a dungeon killing monsters and stealing …

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Rotting Zombie Mirror Clings

Rotting Zombie Mirror Clings: $2.95 Who wants to look into a mirror and see a disgustingly normal human face? It’s so gross! High cheek bones? Perfect noses, chiseled chins and  jawlines? Absolutely nauseating! Zombie fans don’t want to see that. They want to see detached eyeballs, gaping wounds, exposed brains and sagging dripping festering fetid …

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Zombie Skull Cauldron Box

Read on for more information on this zombie skull cauldron box today! Zombie Skull Cauldron Box This resin zombie box is perfect for storing those special little trinkets that are near and dear to your undead heart.  The lid features a gruesome looking zombie crawling out of the ground. The expression on his face and …

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Zombie Eat Flesh T-Shirt

Zombie Eat Flesh T-Shirt: $9.95 – $ 11.95 During your days as a living breathing human you enjoyed delicious subs and sandwiches from a certain sandwich restaurant chain we won’t mention here. There is no need to give up those things you love when you come back as a zombie. You just put a zombie twist on them. …

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