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zombie soap dispenser

Zombie Soap Dispenser

Preventing the zombie apocalypse might be easier than we think. Helping the spread of illness due to viruses or bacteria starts with the basics. . . like good hygiene.  Show your family you care with this awesome zombie soap dispenser! Zombie Soap Dispenser   You care about the health and well being of friends and […]
Waking Dead No Brains Zombie Gifts Coffee Mug

No Brains Before Coffee Zombie Coffee Mug

Are you like one of the walking dead before you’ve had your coffee? Do you need the perfect unique gift for the coffee loving zombie fan? We’ve got the perfect zombie gift for you! This No Brains Before Coffee zombie coffee mug is a fun and colorful way to start your day.  Read on for additional […]
Zombie Gifts Popsicle Mold

Zombie Popsicle Molds

A perfect addition to your zombie themed kitchen! Zombie Popsicle Molds Create the perfect fun zombie themed popsicle for your next party or family get together. These Zombie popsicle molds from Tovolo are sure to be a hit with zombie fans both young and old alike. Each set consists of a four silicone mold tray […]
Zombie Salt Pepper Shaker

Zombie Salt and Pepper Shaker Holder

Zombie Salt and Pepper Shaker Set   Never lose that salt or pepper shaker again thanks to this awesome zombie gift.  This amazing zombie figurine doesn’t just look cool, it holds your salt and pepper shakers too!  Talk about dual purpose undead art! This gross and ghoulish looking zombie is individually crafted from quality resin […]
Zombie Wine Bottle Holder Zombie Gift

Zombie Wine Bottle Holder – A Handy Zombie Gift Idea

Zombie Wine Bottle Holder Looking for a handy zombie gift idea? Check out this awesome zombie hand wine bottle holder. Most wine is stored in a wine cellar underground.  Is it a coincident that’s where most zombies start out? I  know what you’re thinking but we can’t recommend it.   Having a zombie store your […]
Zombie cookie jar front view

Zombie Head Ceramic Cookie Goodie Jar

Zombie Head Goodie Jar This ceramic undead zombie cookie jar is the ideal place to store cookies, candy, spare change or other small items.  Each zombie head cookie jar is the perfect combination of cute, bloody, gruesome and gross.  Each glazed silicone seal ceramic jar is hand -painted for unique details.   It is sculpted to […]

Zombie Chip and Dip Server

Zombie Chip and Dip Serving Set Want to serve chips, dip and other treats in awesome zombie style? You need this zombie chip and dip server. The serving platter looks just like a zombie hand coming up out of the earth. Better yet your guests can dig into the zombie’s skull to retrieve their delicious […]

Zombie Figure Bottle Opener

Have you ever wished you had an adorable zombie friend that could help you open bottles? That’s a great idea but the dangers of an actual zombie opening your bottles are plentiful. It’s dangerous, unsanitary and a bit frightening at times. Well, now you can have the undead pop a bottle without all the risks […]

Zombie Wine Bottle Holder – Zombie Guzzler

   Zombie Wine Bottle Holder – $24.00   Store your favorite bottle of wine with this zombie wine bottle holder. Aptly named a “Guzzler” this zombie wine bottle holder is made from cold cast resin and is hand painted for great unique details. This zombie kitchen item holds a bottle of wine inverted with the […]

Walking Dead Zombie Head Silicone Jello Mold

Walking Dead Zombie Head Silicone Jello Mold – $13.99 The dead may walk, shamble, shuffle crawl and even run… but do they jiggle? They do now with this official Walking Dead Zombie Silicone Gelatin Mold. Slice into the quivering 9-inch x 5-inch Walking Dead jello mold zombie head and watch all of your guests wince […]

Zombie Head Mug

Creepy Zombie Head Mug -$19.99 Creepy Zombie Head Mug -$19.99     This creepy sculpted zombie head mug is the perfect way to sip your morning coffee. It would also look pretty epic sitting on your desk holding pens and pencils. This affordable and unique zombie gift is made from cold cast resin and features […]

Mummy and Deady Salt and Pepper Shakers

Mummy and Deady Salt and Pepper Shakers – $11.95 These glazed ceramic salt and pepper shakers feature the ideal parents: a mummy and a zombie (or zombie to be). One is a mummy labeled “Mummy” and the other is a zombie labeled “Deady”. The poor dead man has turned green and he’s obviously undead and […]

Ceramic Zombie Tumbler – Zombie Cup

Zombie Tumbler $12.99:     Finally a way to drink your favorite beverage in gory zombie style. This Zombie tumbler is made of dishwasher safe ceramic and it has just enough detail to be worthy of a display piece in your zombie kitchen. It’s also great for storing pencils on your desk etc. Of course you […]

Zombie Hand Bottle Opener

Zombie Hand Bottle Opener: $9.95   Need a hand with opening that ice cold beer? Zombieland Rule #32 taught us to enjoy the little things. This zombie hand bottle opener will definitely help you enjoy your favorite canned or bottled beverage. This zombie bottle opener is a combination church key can opener and bottle opener. […]

Zombie Bottle Opener

Zombie Bottle Opener: ~$12.95   Need a hand opening that ice cold brew? Although using your teeth looks cool and impresses the ladies, it isn’t so smart. Dentists in the post zombie apocalypse world are hard to come by. Using a real life zombie’s mouth to open your bottles is equally impressive, but far more […]

The Walking Dead Comic Coffee Mug – Surrounded

Walking Dead Comic Surrounded Mug  –  $9.99 This zombie coffee mug features an iconic image from Robert Kirkman’s comic, The Walking Dead.  It features an image of young Carl surrounded by a horde of zombies! Made by Taverncraft, this high quality 11 ounce coffee mug comes in a  colorful box. This zombie gift is perfect […]