Infected Zombie Coffee Mug

“Infected” Zombie Coffee Mug

Infected Zombie Coffee Mug Normally we wouldn’t suggest giving the world the impression that you’re infected with the zombie virus. It tends to draw very unwanted attention. There are some scenarios in life where people thinking you’re contaminated with a deadly zombie virus might just be beneficial. Take coffee for example.  You don’t like people …

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Ceramic Zombie Mug

ZOMBIE MUG Need a gruesome zombie head mug to start your day? Fill this undead noggin with hot coffee and traumatize your co-coworkers. Or just use it to store pencils on your desk. That’s your call.  One thing is certain: this zombie mug makes a perfect unique zombie gift. It features a gross and gruesome …

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Got Brain? Zombie Coffee Mug

  Got Brain? Zombie Coffee Mug Enjoy your coffee and keep that deliciously juicy brain awake in this awesome zombie coffee mug! This zombie gift mug is the  perfect size for your favorite morning beverage or late night zombie brew. It features a large, easy-grip handle. Treat yourself or give this as a unique and …

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