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Pusheen Zombie Plush Stuffed Cat

Pusheen Zombie Plush – Pusheen The Cat

Pusheen the Cat is a lovable gray tabby cat that delights millions of fans in her webcomic. She enjoys snacks, cuddles and playing dress-up. If she wasn’t cute enough already she’s now an adorably terrifying zombie! Pusheen is ready for Halloween in soft, squishy and cuddly plush form thanks to GUND. Check out the awesome […]

Zombie Plush Toy – Gund Gunderground Plush Skateboard Boy

Zombie Plush Toy- Gund Zombie Skateboard Boy Stuffed Animal Do you want to cuddle up with a zombie but you’re fearful of being bitten? Zombie plush toys and zombie stuffed animals are the perfect answer! Who wouldn’t want to cuddle up with a zombie plushie this cute? This stuffed zombie toy is a skateboard boy. […]

Adventure Time – Jake the Dog Zombie Plush

Adventure Time – Jake Zombie Plush: $17.99   Poor Jake has fallen victim to the zombie apocalypse in the Land of Ooo! He’s been immortalized in brain eating zombie form but in a cute and cuddly plush form. This awesome Jake the dog zombie plush features Jake from Cartoon Network’s hit show Adventure Time. He […]

Plush Zombie Slippers

Plush Zombie Slippers Need something to keep your feet warm? How about these awesome plush zombie slippers? What could be more comfy than slipping your tootsies into a warm bloody zombie mouth? These zombie gifts are plush slippers in the form of a zombie head. They even come complete with a dangling eyeball and exposed […]

Plush Zombie Hat

Plush Zombie Hat Need a warm and stylish beanie for that noggin? You really should cover and protect that warm and delicious brain. This plush zombie head will gladly perch upon your head all day long. Be the envy of all your friends with this gruesome plush zombie head eating your brain. This plush zombie […]

Dead Ted Plush Zombie Toy

Dead Ted Zombie Plush¬† Dead Ted is an adorable zombie plush who is in need of a little loving. He doesn’t care whether it comes from an adult zombie collector or a younger zombie fan. As long as you are willing to cuddle up with him, and don’t mind the smell and a little gore, […]

Dismember-Me Zombie Plush: Plush Zombie Fun!

Dismember-Me Plush Zombie Awww…how cute. A soft cuddly green zombie with stinking rotting flesh, exposed parts of his skeletal system and more! This cute little guy doesn’t care if you play rough, in fact his very name begs for it! The “Dismember-Me” zombie plush is designed to be torn in half. Pull him apart and […]