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Gruesome Decaying Zombie Bust

Gruesome Decomposing Zombie Bust Horror Accent Statue This grotesque and detailed zombie bust depicts a disgusting rotting zombie in stunning detail.  This zombie’s green skin is rotting and decomposing to reveal the underlying cracked bones and muscle beneath.  His rotting teeth are still ready to gnaw off some tasty human flesh and the lifelike detail …

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Zombie Hand Statue

Undead Decaying Zombie Hand Collectible Statue Figurine   This zombie hand statue is a true work of zombie art. It’s the perfect combination of cute and gross. With it’s worms, spiders and exposed muscle and bone it is gross enough to satisfy hardcore zombie fans and collectors. The coloring is just off enough to make …

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Zombie Statue – 6.5″

Zombie Statue 6.5″H Figurine   Add some zombie class to your home or office with this stunning zombie statue. This zombie figure stands about 6 and a half inches tall and is made of durable cold cast resin. Each one is hand painted and polished for unique and amazing details. Priced under $20.00 this makes …

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Zombie Incense Holder

Zombie Incense Holder – Zombie Figure   Zombies are awesome. There’s just one problem. The whole decaying corpse and rotting flesh thing. Zombies stink. Sorry but it is true. Luckily you can show your love for zombies while having your home or office smell wonderful with this zombie incense burner. This cold cast resin zombie …

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Zombie Cheerleader Statue

Walking Dead Zombie Cheerleader Holding Brain Statue Figurine   Isn’t she gorgeous? This zombie cheerleader has it going on and she knows it! Sure she’s a little more rotten and decomposed than her high school cheerleading days. She also roots more for brains than the home team, but she’s still as cute as ever. This …

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