Walker's Decap Coffee Zombie Shirt

Walker’s Decap Coffee Shirt

When you want the great coffee taste but not all the stimulation, you should reach for Walker’s brand Decapitated Coffee! Fresh. Hot. Delicious! Put a smile on any zombie fan’s face and turn heads with this Walker’s Decap Coffee Zombie Shirt. Walker’s Decap Coffee Shirt – Zombie Coffee Shirt This could be the perfect gift …

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Zombie Crash T-shirt

Zombie Crash T-Shirt

Zombie Crash T-Shirt This is the last view you want to look up and see after a car crash.   This awesome zombie t-shirt features the image of a man just after a car crash. Through a cracked windshield we see zombies eager to get a taste of his living flesh. From the look in …

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Almost Zombie T-Shirt

Almost Zombie T-Shirt   This t-shirt manages to combine two things we love deeply: zombies and old school 8-bit video games. This 100% cotton t-shirt features a health/energy bar as you might remember seeing in classic 8-bit video games. Unfortunately there’s no potion left to help restore health and you only have 1/2 a heart …

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Creeping Zombie T-Shirt

Is it just me or does the guy riding this creepy crawling zombie look familiar? No official word but initial reports indicate it may indeed be Rick Grimes. Has it finally lost it? Has he taken Michonne’s pet zombie approach to a new level? Is the world finally out of gasoline or horses. I guess …

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Welcome to Woodbury T-Shirt

  Welcome to Woodbury T-Shirt – from $14.95     “57 Channels and nothing on.” Any true fan of the Walking Dead television show or comic knows Woodbury is a haven. Those fans also know this small town is full of the Governor’s dark little secrets. Take for example, his fun aquarium hobby. This zombie …

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Zombie Propaganda T-Shirt

Zombie Propaganda T-Shirt This zombie t-shirt captures the spirit of those old military propaganda posters. This shirt has a decisively anti-zombie sentiment. It urges us to fight back against zombies and “aim for the head”.  This zombie t-shirt design comes on a premium 100% cotton t-shirt in your choice of over a dozen different color …

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