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Walker's Decap Coffee Zombie Shirt

Walker’s Decap Coffee Shirt

When you want the great coffee taste but not all the stimulation, you should reach for Walker’s brand Decapitated Coffee! Fresh. Hot. Delicious! Put a smile on any zombie fan’s face and turn heads with this Walker’s Decap Coffee Zombie Shirt. Walker’s Decap Coffee Shirt – Zombie Coffee Shirt This could be the perfect gift […]
Zombie Crash T-shirt

Zombie Crash T-Shirt

Zombie Crash T-Shirt This is the last view you want to look up and see after a car crash.   This awesome zombie t-shirt features the image of a man just after a car crash. Through a cracked windshield we see zombies eager to get a taste of his living flesh. From the look in […]
The Walking Dead Zombie Gifts, The Walking Dead Zombie T-shirts,The Walking Dead Skull T-shirt

The Walking Dead Skull Zombie T-Shirt

The Walking Dead Skull T-shirt This is probably one of our favorite The Walking Dead t-shirts to date. This shirt features a black and white image of a skull made out of walkers. A skull formed from images of popular zombies featured on the show and an AMC The Walking Dead logo are all that […]
Coffin Nail Pale Ale Zombie t-shirt

Coffin Nail Pale Ale Zombie T-Shirt

Zombie T-Shirt Coffin Nail Pale Ale – from $14.99 Few things in life make us happier than beer and zombies. That’s why we love this zombie themed “Coffin Nail Pale Ale” zombie t-shirt. This zombie t-shirt design features an image of a zombie enjoying a tall frosty mug of Coffin Nail Pale Ale. This zombie […]

The Watching Dead Zombie T-Shirt

The Watching Dead T-Shirt   Isn’t this what we all look like on many Sunday nights here in the United States? Zombie fans outside of the U.S., the day and time varies but it’s almost universally the same. We never miss an episode and we’re glued to the screen whenever The Walking Dead airs. Whether […]

Keep Calm We Are All Infected Zombie T-Shirt

Keep Calm: We Are All Infected – Zombie T-Shirt   There’s no need to panic. If Dr. Jenner was right, we already know we’re all infected. It’s just a matter of time before we’re dead and then shambling the earth as a living dead walker. This zombie t-shirt features the phrase, “KEEP CALM WE ARE […]

You’re a Zombie Chuck! Peanuts Inspired Zombie T-Shirt

  You’re a Zombie Chuck! Peanuts Inspired Zombie T-Shirt   Poor Snoopy and Woodstock. It looks like what is left of the Peanuts gang are now a horde of the walking dead. Never a duo to give up without putting up a fight, Snoopy and Woodstock have a shotgun and are making their last stand […]

Almost Zombie T-Shirt

Almost Zombie T-Shirt   This t-shirt manages to combine two things we love deeply: zombies and old school 8-bit video games. This 100% cotton t-shirt features a health/energy bar as you might remember seeing in classic 8-bit video games. Unfortunately there’s no potion left to help restore health and you only have 1/2 a heart […]

Run! Zombies Are Coming!!! Zombie T-Shirt

Run! Zombies Are Coming!! Zombie T-Shirt   Keep Calm and Carry On? Not when there’s zombies. Not everyone is going to shoot it out when the zombies come. It’s fight or flight during times of stress and many will simply run. This t-shirt is for them. This zombie t-shirt features the traditional “Keep Calm and […]

Creeping Zombie T-Shirt

Is it just me or does the guy riding this creepy crawling zombie look familiar? No official word but initial reports indicate it may indeed be Rick Grimes. Has it finally lost it? Has he taken Michonne’s pet zombie approach to a new level? Is the world finally out of gasoline or horses. I guess […]

Visit Woodbury: A Biter Free Community T-Shirt

Visit Beautiful Woodbury Tee: Men’s and Women’s Fit from – $6.00 Woodbury, Georgia. On the surface it looks like heaven. A safe place where people can live without the constant threat of the dead. Of course we all know it houses the Governor and all his dark secrets, but it sure does seem like a […]

Welcome to Woodbury T-Shirt

  Welcome to Woodbury T-Shirt – from $14.95     “57 Channels and nothing on.” Any true fan of the Walking Dead television show or comic knows Woodbury is a haven. Those fans also know this small town is full of the Governor’s dark little secrets. Take for example, his fun aquarium hobby. This zombie […]

Remember Little Zombies, No Running! Zombie T-Shirt

Remember No Running Zombie T-Shirt: $14.95 to $18.95  It’s no secret…I HATE runners. Zombies shouldn’t run. I prefer the classic shambler that shuffles along at a leisurely pace. I don’t need a member of the undead testing my cardio stamina. This funny zombie t-shirt features an adult zombie reminding the younger members of her horde […]

Greetings From Atlanta Zombie T-Shirt

Show your love for Atlanta, The Walking Dead and Zombies with this Greetings from Atlanta Zombie T-shirt! Greetings From Atlanta Georgia Zombie T-Shirt – $11.99 to $14.49 Any fan of AMC’s  The Walking Dead knows Atlanta was overrun by zombies. Rick Grimes even warns anyone listening to him on the radio, “Do not enter the […]

Fight the Dead Fear the Living – The Walking Dead T-Shirt

The Walking Dead Fight Fear T-Shirt  – $20.50 to $22.50 I’ve said this over and over again. In the event of a zombie apocalypse we probably need to worry more about the living non-infected than we do about the zombies. This awesome officially licensed The Walking Dead t-shirt is a stark reminder of that fact. […]