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Zombie Roadkill Escape Remote Control Truck

Zombie Roadkill Escape – 360 Crane Decapitator

Rednecks are stuck at the salvage yard draining the employee vending machine of snack cakes when from nowhere the apocalypse is upon them…advancing hordes of zombies, shufflers and walkers.  The only escape is to quickly weld up the rusted Zombie Roadkill Escape with free floating and rotating 360 Crane Decapitator with Front Grill Impaler to […]
zombie gift my first plush zombie toy

My First Zombie Plush Toy

My First Zombie Plush Toy It is inevitable: the zombie apocalypse is coming. It’s not a matter of if . . . just when. It’s never too early to prepare your little one for the z-poc. My first zombie plush toy is an adorable way to do just that. This cute and cuddly plush zombie […]
inhuman squishy zombie

The Inhuman Squishy Zombie

The Inhuman Squishy Zombie Zombies can teach us so much. When we aren’t using them to learn about survival and human nature, the undead can teach us about science. SmartLab toys demonstrates this perfectly with their awesome “The Inhuman Squishy Zombie” toy. More than just a model or action figure zombie toy, the Inhuman squishy […]
Zombie Board Game Dead Panic

Dead Panic Zombie Board Game

Dead Panic – Zombie Board Game   You love your family and friends, but let’s be honest . . . game night can be boring. Sometimes you need to spice things up with a good zombie board game. Dead Panic is the perfect answer. Dead panic is a cooperative board game that is sure to […]
Zombie keychain plush key chain toy

Zombie Plush Key Chain

Plush Zombie Keychain Protect your car keys, decorate your backpack or purse, or just enjoy playing with your new plush zombie friend. This plush zombie key chain measures approximately 4 inches tall. This adorable zombie gift is cute enough for kids ages 8 and up, while still being gross and gruesome enough to satisfy older […]
Plush zombie dog Zombie Dog Plush Toy

Zombie Dog Plush Toy – Stuffed Zombie Dog

  Zombie Dog Stuffed Plush Toy   You can’t teach an old zombie dog new tricks. Sit? Forget it! Roll over? Not likely. Play Dead? Ok…you got me. So you CAN teach this adorable plush zombie dog one trick! This zombie dog stuffed animal is the perfect combination of cuddly and decayed. He’s zombified enough […]

KRE-O CityVille Invasion Police Station Zombie Defense Set

Protect the city against invading zombies with this KRE-O zombie defense police station set! Kre-o CityVille Zombie Defense Police Station Set   Building the Police Station is just the start of the fun.  After building it kids (or young at heart adults) get to defend the station against a zombie invasion! This 270 piece set […]

Plants vs. Zombies Exploding Zombie Action Figure Zombie Toy

Press this zombie’s tie and watch him fly apart. This Plants vs. Zombies Exploding Zombie Action Figure is sure to be a blast!   Plants vs. Zombies Exploding Zombie Action Figure This exploding zombie action figure measures about 6″ tall. This mindless zombie features a cut pant leg that somehow completes the business casual look […]

Zombie Panda Vinyl Figure

Zombie Panda Vinyl Figure Buy an adorable Zombie Panda Vinyl Figure and help a real panda out in the wild! According to the manufacturer, 10% of all sales of this vinyl zombie panda toy goes to support Pandas International, a non-profit organization whose goal is to preserve and propagate the endangered Giant Pandas. This zombie […]

Zombie Plush Toy – Gund Gunderground Zombie Rocker Toy

Zombie Plush Toy – Gund Gunderground Guitar Boy This adorable plush zombie toy is sure to please zombie fans of any age. This zombie stuffed animal is clearly a rocker at heart. He features a shirt with a guitar, a punk blue streak in his hair, star eye makeup and even a lightning bolt tattoo. […]

Bobble Budds – Patient Zero The Zombie Figure

Bobble Budds – Patient Zero the Zombie Patient Zero (Pat) is the zombie that started the entire undead pandemic. Nobody knows who he was, where he came from, what his hopes or dreams were, or where that big nasty gash on his arm came from, except for those closest to him. This awesome zombie bobble […]

Bobble Budds – Bitey the Zombie Figure

Bobble Budds – Bitey the Zombie   These were produced as a Comic Con Exclusive for SOTA Toys in 2011. They were available only as a Comic-Con exclusives or as part of a short term Comic Con Impulse Pak from the SOTA Toys website. They’re sure to be a hit that will sell out quickly. […]

Zombie Shark Air Swimmer R/C Helium Balloon

Zombie Shark Air Swimmer R/C – $39.99 What’s more terrifying than a shark swimming through the air in your direction? A ZOMBIE shark swimming through the air in your direction of course! Zombie fans young and old can now own their very own Zombie Shark air swimmer. Simply have the shark’s body filled with helium […]

Zombie Micro Russian Nesting Dolls

Zombie Micro Matryoshka Dolls – $9.95 These zombie Russian nesting dolls make a fun and affordable zombie gift for zombie fans of many ages.  Five different zombies fit inside one another.  These fun zombie toys are made of orange ABS plastic with imprinted graphics and are sure to please any zombie fan.  

Rotting Zombie Mirror Clings

Rotting Zombie Mirror Clings: $2.95 Who wants to look into a mirror and see a disgustingly normal human face? It’s so gross! High cheek bones? Perfect noses, chiseled chins and  jawlines? Absolutely nauseating! Zombie fans don’t want to see that. They want to see detached eyeballs, gaping wounds, exposed brains and sagging dripping festering fetid […]

Zombie Russian Nesting Dolls

Matryoshka Zombie Nesting Dolls   Looking for the perfect gift for that Russian friend or zombie fan in your life? How about the Russian zombie fan in your life? OK…you don’t need to be from Russia to enjoy this awesome zombie gift idea. These are Russian nesting dolls with an awesome undead twist. Russian nesting […]