The Walking Dead Puma Shoes Sneakers

The Walking Dead Puma Shoes Available Via Footlocker

Fans and Collectors of AMC’s The Walking Dead routinely go nuts for officially licensed merchandise. Little has changed since the show first aired in the United States back on Halloween of 2010. There’s good news for fans still rabid for new products in 2019. Officially licensed The Walking Dead Puma shoes are now available exclusively […]
Zombie Roadkill Escape Review 360 Decapitator

Zombie Roadkill Escape Review – 360 Crane Decapitator

We’re always on the lookout for fun new zombie products for young and old alike. When the folks responsible for the Redneck Roadkill line of remote control vehicles contacted us to offer a review sample of their brand new zombie themed remote control truck, we eagerly agreed. Is the Zombie Roadkill 360 degree crane decapitator […]

Black Ops 4 Private Beta Code Giveaway

We’re giving away two codes to access the Black Ops 4 Private Beta on Xbox One this weekend. Read on to find out how to enter the Black Ops 4 Private Beta Code Giveaway. We love zombies mode in Activision’s Call of Duty Black Ops video game franchise. When we heard about the new Black […]
Resident Evil The Final Chapter Review

Resident Evil The Final Chapter Review. The Final Disappointment?

Resident Evil The Final Chapter Review The Final Disappointment!?   We should preface this review with a simple statement. We’re a bit biased. We love Resident Evil. We just do. Whether you’re talking about the video game series we’ve been playing since the PS1 (some of us are THAT old) or the film series . […]
DEATH TO ZOMBIES coffee review

Death To Zombies Coffee Review

DEATH TO ZOMBIES Coffee Review: “The cure for zombie brain” It happens to the best of us. You drag your lifeless corpse out of bed in the morning and shamble to the coffee pot to brew up something to get you through the day. Coffee, in a way, is the cure for that foggy zombie […]
October Outbreak #OctoberOutbreak zombie giveaways

October Outbreak 2016: A Month of Zombie Giveaways! #OctoberOutbreak

#OctoberOutbreak is back! October is already a fun filled month for horror and zombie fans. October typically means the return of a new season of The Walking Dead our favorite holiday, Halloween.  We’re happy to make it even better with a month filled with giveaways, zombie product reviews and more! That’s right! It’s time for […]
Zombie Book Review: The Island at The End of The World Book Review

Zombie Book Review: The Island at the End of the World by Colin M. Drysdale

This is Colin M. Drysdale’s third installment in the For Those in Peril series. We’ve been lucky enough to review each book in the series and to this point we hadn’t been disappointed. When Mr. Drysdale and Pictish Beast Publications offered to send over a complimentary copy for review many months ago we happily agreed. So did […]

Toxic Zombie Guitar Grip Review – Ghastly Ghoulish Grips for Your Guitar

  You’ve got enough to worry about. There’s the current state of politics and the shaky, uncertainty of our economy. You also need to constantly navigate through issues with work, family, friends and more. As if that all isn’t enough there’s the constant threat of a pending zombie apocalypse. Let’s face it. You don’t have […]
Days Gone Ps4 E3 Game footage

Days Gone Zombie Game Displayed at E3.

Days Gone E3 Reveal     This week brought good news for fans of the  zombie and post pandemic video game genres.  Sony unveiled gameplay from the upcoming PS4 exclusive game, Days Gone. This latest project from Bend Studio shows some promising open world play sure to please fans of zombie video games.  Sony also […]
Robot Chicken Walking Dead Special

Robot Chicken The Walking Dead Special

Thursday, May 12th 2016: Turner Broadcasting/Adult Swim Announce Upcoming Robot Chicken: The Walking Dead Special Already known for working with major movie and pop culture franchises to create parody specials,  Adult Swim’s Robot Chicken announced today that they’ll be teaming with AMC’s The Waking Dead’s Robert Kirkman and Scott Gimple to bring a Walking Dead […]
zee brothers zombie book giveaway

The Zee Brothers: Zombie Exterminators Giveaway

We recently had the pleasure of reviewing the initial novel in Grivante’s The Zee Brothers Zombie Exterminators series. We really loved the book and you can read our thoughts in detail in our review.  If you’re interested in checking the book out for yourself we’ve got good news. Grivante Press passed along some giveway prizes and a […]
Horror Block April 2015 Review

Horror Block Review: April 2015

    Last month we reviewed our very first Horror Block. We liked it enough we kept our paid subscription for another month and we’re back again with a review for the April 2015 Horror Block.   What is Horror Block? Horror Block is the “Pop Horror Mystery Box”; a monthly box of surprise horror […]