Zombie Chia Pets

Chia Zombie Pets

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Tired of all the same old boring Chia pets? The folks at Joseph Enterprises have you covered! This Halloween season they’re bringing Chia Zombies to store shelves near you. Grow them if you dare!

Zombie fans can choose from one of three awesome zombie themed Chia Pets. Theres the “Restless Arm” which is a zombie hand reaching up from the grave. There is also a male and female zombie head to choose from. Grow some lovely Chia locks on either “Creepy Holden” or “Lifeless Lisa”.

Check out the photos below for a closer look:

Chia Zombie Creepy Holden Chia Zombie Lifeless Lisa Chia Zombie Restless Arm


  • Each Chia Zombie box includes everything you need to grow your very own zombie themed chia!
    1 Unique Handmade Pottery Planter (Zombie Arm, Male Head or Female Head)
    Enough Chia Seeds for 3 Plantings (Plant, Grow and watch them shrivel and die. Then do it again!)
    1 Plastic Drip Tray
    Easy to Read and Follow Planting and Care Instructions

For more information visit: ChiaZombie.com


Where to Buy: Chia Zombie is available via Amazon (See links below) as well as stores near you such as Home Depot, Walgreens, Rite-Aid and more.


Which Chia Zombie is your favorite? Let us know in the comments section below!

2 thoughts on “Zombie Chia Pets

  1. Greatness!! This is Halloween fun! Loving the restless arm.

  2. The restless arm is my favorite, and it’s about time. I’ll admit I love Chia Pets (hey I even have a ‘clapper’) and it’s about time the zombies got their Chia dues!

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