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walking dead inspired bob e que sauce

If you haven’t seen Sunday’s episode of The Walking Dead, (Season 5 Episode 2 “Strangers”) you might want to stop reading.  This post may contain spoilers if you’ve somehow managed to crawl under a rock and bury your head in the sand for the past day and a half.

Poor Bob. It was unfortunate Gareth and his goons happened to be out hunting for their next meal. If the TV show is using this as their parallel to the comic’s “Tainted Meat” storyline then it may be just as unfortunate for Gareth and his crew. There is one other bit of sad cruelty that went along with Bob’s foot and leg on the grill: all the lame jokes that accompanied it.  It’s barely been 24 hours and  we’re already bored with joking at how Gareth and his Terminite minions happily served themselves up a shish-ka-BOB.  Who can blame them?  When you’re starving in the zombie apocalypse sometimes you just need a good old fashioned BOB-B-Cue. Comparison’s to the animated series, Bob’s Burgers have also run rampant. Hungry for more? Throw another shrimp on the BOB-E.   Had enough? We thought so. Unfortunately we’re not through poking fun of Bob’s predicament just yet! We had to nauseate you with one of our cheesy lame giveaways!

We decided the final piece of the bad joke puzzle was a parody barbecue sauce. We decided photoshopping a bottle of barbecue sauce was too easy.  We had to create an actual physical product.  We started with bottles of Open Pit Original style barbecue sauce and we customized it with some very special homegrown parody labeling.

While it’s funny, we think this parody sauce also has a purpose. Our joke sauce is a work of art and it also serves as a commentary on modern society’s reaction to the taboo topic of Cannibalism. It’s already been a blast reading comments and hearing everyone’s opinion on a pretty gruesome topic. Plus the sauce tastes good too. 😉

We know you want a bottle of your own and we’re making that happen.  Enter to win your very own bottle of our very special, super exclusive, mega ultra limited edition Bob-B-Que Sauce.We’re giving away 4 bottles of Bob-B-Que Sauce Walking Dead inspired parody barbecue sauce  to two lucky winners.

One prize pack will be given away to our Facebook fans and another will be awarded to one of our lucky Twitter followers.

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Batteries Not Included. Some Assembly Required. Professional stunt driver on a closed  course. Do not attempt. Offer void where prohibited. No purchase necessary.  Before Mr. Kirkman’s or AMC’s attorneys don’t send us a cease and desist letter or other legal threat (it wouldn’t be the first time we’ve received a TWD related C&D) we have some suggestions.

Dear attorneys, please make sure the moderately trained baboons I suspect you’ve hired to print out mass form cease and desist letters understand the concepts of fair use and the protected nature of the parody. Alternatively you could actually read the drivvle they manage to churn out of their trusty word processor template BEFORE they send it. Merely suggestions. To avoid any chance of consumer confusion, we’ve included a very real and very serious disclaimer below.  We’re just having a little fun here. If you’d like to come after us and all of  our assets totaling $97.22, have at it. 😉

 Giveaway is open to U.S. residents ages 18 and older. Entry period opens 10/21/2014 and ends sometime before 11:59 pm EST on 10/31/2014.


Disclaimer and Notice: Please note  this giveaway is NOT sponsored, endorsed or approved by Robert Kirkman, The Walking Dead, AMC, Facebook, Twitter, Open Pit or Pinnacle Foods Group LLC. All trademarks, service marks, trade names, product names and logos are the the property of their respective owners  and holders.

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