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Robot Chicken Walking Dead Special

Robot Chicken The Walking Dead Special

Thursday, May 12th 2016: Turner Broadcasting/Adult Swim Announce Upcoming Robot Chicken: The Walking Dead Special Already known for working with major movie and pop culture franchises to create parody specials,  Adult Swim’s Robot Chicken announced today that they’ll be teaming with AMC’s The Waking Dead’s Robert Kirkman and Scott Gimple to bring a Walking Dead […]
Top 10 Zombie Kills - Zombie Video

Zombie Video – Top 10 Zombie Kills

We love zombie movies and of course our favorite part are the zombie kills. While we admit we sometimes root for the undead in certain situations, there’s nothing like a good gory zombie kill. Our friends at put together a video compilation of their choices for the top 10 zombie kills. The list starts […]
Zombie Video Game top 10 list zombie blog

Top 10 Zombie Video Games

There’s nothing like experiencing a zombie apocalypse from the comfort of your own couch.  As you’ve probably guessed, we LOVE zombie video games.  We also love top 10 lists.  The folks over at are known for some pretty fun Top 10 videos. Not so lo8ng ago they put together their list of Top 10 […]
Zombie Puppet

Custom Zombie Puppet from Chappell Puppet Productions

Chris Chappell is a very talented professional puppet maker and puppeteer.  That may not be of much interest to all of you on a normal day, but hear me out.  Chris recently contacted us regarding a zombie puppet he made. The photos of the final product he shared with us were so cool we just […]
Walking Dead top 10 overused jokes

Top 10 Overused Walking Dead Jokes and Memes

Can you believe we’ve already seen 4 seasons of AMC’s The Walking Dead come and go? That just sounds so crazy to me. It seems like just last Halloween I was watching the debut episode. Here we are nearly four years later and the series is stronger than ever.In fact, according to E! Entertainment Television, […]
Open Letter to Spacelab9 Regarding walking dead zombie flesh green vinyl

How SPACELAB9 Nearly Made Me Cry: An Open Letter Revealing One Walking Dead Collector’s Story of Tenacity, Determination and Epic Failure

  Dear SpaceLab9, I hate you. I hate your limited edition, vinyl pressing guts. Now before you go and sic your lawyers on me: relax. Have a seat. I’m only partially serious. Tell your attorney this isn’t “slander”, “libel”, “defamation” or any of those other legal terms I can never keep straight. I’m getting off […]
Zombie Apocalypse Survival Chemistry Death Cologne Mask Your Scent with Science

A Death Scented Cologne to Help You Survive The Zombie Apocalypse?

Fans of AMC’s The Walking Dead might remember Season 1 Episode 2 “Guts.” In the episode Rick Grimes and Glenn Rhee need to walk through a horde of Walkers and they mask their scent with zombie guts and blood. Michonne is also known for disguising herself by toting around a pair of zombies on leashes […]

Free Valentine’s Day ZombiEcards App From AMC

Need a last minute zombie related Valentine’s Day gift to fill in? Send that special someone a bloody Valentine greeting with the free ZombiEcard App from AMC. It’s available for Android and iOS. This free app from AMC allows you to make your own custom zombie e-card. Choose one of the many zombie expressions, add […]
Free Zombie Christmas Downloads

Free Zombie Christmas Stuff: Zombie Christmas Games, Gift Tags and More!

Let’s get the political correctness stuff out of the way first. If you don’t celebrate Christmas that’s fine. This post just isn’t for you..that’s all. No need to be offended or upset. Click away from this page and the world keeps on spinning and everyone is free from emotional scars. Fair enough? If you’re still […]

October Outbreak – A Month of Epic Zombie Giveaways from

October is already awesome. The Walking Dead returns with new episodes, postseason baseball is in full swing, The Walking Dead comic continues to celebrate 10 years and issue #115 and it all peaks with all of the fun activities surrounding  Halloween. As if October wasn’t great enough already, we decided to cram even more awesome […]