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Zombie Baking

Amazing Zombie Cake From Artisan Cake Company

  I’ve seen many zombie cakes in my internet zombie adventures. Most of them are OK but very few of them are absolutely jaw dropping. This zombie cake from Artisan Cake Company definitely falls into the latter category. Now before you cake purists start chanting “That’s not cake! That’s not cake!” I know. It’s a display piece […]

Zombie Brain Jello/Gelatin Mold Review

“There’s Always Room for. . .Brains!”   Jello tastes great but sometimes it looks a little boring. Fortunately there’s a gelatin mold for zombie lovers to add some gross fun to the preparation of this jiggly treat. The Zombie Brain Gelatin Mold is supposed to create a very realistic looking left hemisphere of the human brain. […]

A Great Idea for Zombie Head Cookies!

Anyone close to me knows my secret lust for the awesome zombie head cookie jar shown above. It’s awesome, but it’s just one of those things that I’ve been drooling over for the year that has past since we featured it at  I just haven’t be able to get around to buying it. It’s […]