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Resident Evil The Final Chapter Review

Resident Evil The Final Chapter Review. The Final Disappointment?

Resident Evil The Final Chapter Review The Final Disappointment!?   We should preface this review with a simple statement. We’re a bit biased. We love Resident Evil. We just do. Whether you’re talking about the video game series we’ve been playing since the PS1 (some of us are THAT old) or the film series . […]
Zombie Night film review

Zombie Movie Review: Zombie Night

  I missed Zombie Night when it aired on Syfy back in October. That’s right: Zombie Night is a Syfy original movie and that says all it needs to say right there. Feel free to read the remainder of this review if you feel the need. I did have some high hopes because Zombie Night […]

CARGO: The Zombie Short Film That Will Blow You Away

Official Synopsis: Stranded in the midst of a zombie apocalypse, a man sets in motion an unlikely plan to protect the precious cargo he carries: his infant daughter.   Have you seen CARGO? It’s a zombie themed short film that was a Tropfest Australia 2013 Finalist. The film was first published way back  in February […]

Zombie Film Review: World War Z

  World War Z is finally here. It seems like it’s been ages since zombie fans first heard of plans to bring a zombie film inspired by Max Brook’s iconic novel, World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War to life.  Excitement soon gave way to worry and then dread. It appeared the […]

Zombie Film Review: Midget Zombie Takeover

. . . I simultaneously laughed, died a little inside and threw up in my own mouth.  Only a special film like Midget Zombie Takeover can make that happen!   If you’re a zombie movie snob lacking a sense of humor and demanding perfection, let’s save you some time. You won’t like this film.  However, if you have […]

Zombie Review: Amazon’s Zombieland Series Pilot (meh)

  I’ve managed to summarize my thoughts on Amazon’s new potential series, Zombieland, in a single word: “meh.” Bluntly stated the newly released pilot from Amazon shows potential on many levels but fell flat for me on many more. If you care to know more about why I feel this way, read on! Let me […]

Resident Evil: Retribution Review – What Did You Expect?

  The initial buzz after opening weekend seemed to indicate a lot of people were disappointed in this film. Just why I cannot understand.  I’m really not sure what people were expecting.  I’ve seen and heard people complain the film is nothing but hot women in tight clothing and a bunch of action sequences. Many […]

ParaNorman Review: Zombies, Outcasts and Bullies Oh My!

  As a fan of zombie films, and a single father, I headed off to see ParaNorman with a pretty jaded outlook. Surely there was no way an animated zombie  film was going to satisfy both my son and I. In my mind, someone was going home a little disappointed.  I couldn’t have been more […]

Zombie Movie Review – Operation: Nazi Zombies

Zombie Movie Review Operation: Nazi Zombies   About the Film: Release Date:  Released on DVD May 1st, 2012 Date:  Filmed in 1999.  Produced and originally released with the title “Maplewoods” around 2003. Director:  David B. Stewart III Main Cast:   Thomas Reilly, Elissa Mullen, Christopher Connolly, John Weidemoyer, John Martineau Supporting Cast:  Steven Brown,Francesco Costante, Brian […]