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Toxic Zombie Guitar Grip Review – Ghastly Ghoulish Grips for Your Guitar

  You’ve got enough to worry about. There’s the current state of politics and the shaky, uncertainty of our economy. You also need to constantly navigate through issues with work, family, friends and more. As if that all isn’t enough there’s the constant threat of a pending zombie apocalypse. Let’s face it. You don’t have […]
Zombie hand statue product review featured photo

Zombie Product Review: Zombie Hand Statue

One of the things we’re most well known for here on our zombie blog are our zombie product reviews. A picture is worth a thousand words but sometimes the images in a product listing simply aren’t much help. They often don’t give you a good perspective on size or quality. Sure that zombie gift or […]
Zombie Product Review: Zombie Garden Gnome

Zombie Product Review: Zombie Garden Gnome here with another zombie product review. Today we’re taking a detailed look at the Zombie Garden Gnome manufactured by ThumbsUp! There are plenty of Zombie garden gnomes on the market. Choosing which one is right for your needs might not seem like a difficult decision until it comes time to purchase one. Then […]

Zombie Product Review: Renuzit Offers Zombie Air Freshener?

    Thanks to Renuzit, zombie fans can fill their home with the aroma of a zombie Halloween themed air freshener cone. I know what you’re thinking…relax. Fortunately they don’t reek like the stench of the undead. ¬†Instead the fragrance, entitled “Rest in Peach”, fills the room with the lightly sweet smell of peaches. On […]

Zombie Product Review: Zombie Party Decorations – Cardboard Zombies

The past few Halloweens have brought zombie fans some pretty cool new zombie products and zombie decorations. Love it or hate it, the wild popularity of The Walking Dead has created hordes of new zombie fans and that means hordes of new zombie products! New for this year are these cool pose-able zombie cardboard hang […]