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Zombie Food Reviews

DEATH TO ZOMBIES coffee review

Death To Zombies Coffee Review

DEATH TO ZOMBIES Coffee Review: “The cure for zombie brain” It happens to the best of us. You drag your lifeless corpse out of bed in the morning and shamble to the coffee pot to brew up something to get you through the day. Coffee, in a way, is the cure for that foggy zombie […]
iZombie Hot Sauce PuckerButt Pepper Company Review

Zombie Hot Sauce Review: iZombie Hot Sauce from PuckerButt Pepper Company

Update 11/2017: It has come to our attention iZombie hot sauce is no longer available. Feel free to read our review below and don’t be afraid to try one of PuckerButt Pepper Company’s many other delicious hot sauces and pepper related products.   Original Review: You might be surprised to discover zombies  don’t have a […]
Zombie Chocolate Bar Review

Zombie Product Review: Zombie White Chocolate Candy Bar

  We first saw these zombie chocolate bars about two years ago and promptly featured them on  Unfortunately we never got around to ordering some of our own to sample. When the good folks over at Sugar Plum Chocolates contacted us to talk business we coudln’t help but ask whether they’d be interested in […]