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Bleeding Zombie Target Zombie Blog Giveaway

Bleeding Zombie Target Giveaway: Sponsored by

We know a lot of you are into shooting, archery and other target sports. That’s why we leapt at the opportunity to team up with our friends at They’ve just launched a new line of very cool bleeding zombie targets.   About the Targets: Why shoot with boring old paper targets when you can […]

Zombie Product Review: Zombie Party Decorations – Cardboard Zombies

The past few Halloweens have brought zombie fans some pretty cool new zombie products and zombie decorations. Love it or hate it, the wild popularity of The Walking Dead has created hordes of new zombie fans and that means hordes of new zombie products! New for this year are these cool pose-able zombie cardboard hang […]

Zombie Product Review: Black Ops Zombie Gel Airsoft Target

I know. ¬†Many of you aren’t interested in air soft guns, targets and other related items. The market is flooded with zombie product in this genre however and I purchase and get my hands on many of them. I feel it would be a disservice to those zombie fans interested in airsoft if I failed […]

Zombie Product Review: Zombie Industries Plastic 3D Zombie Bunny Targets

  Hey zombie fans! Today we’re reviewing a three pack of plastic “3D” bunny targets from Zombie Industries. These were purchased online from Walmart for about $12.86. For that low price you get a set of three plastic zombie bunny targets. These zombie bunny targets come packaged in a large clear plastic bag with a […]