Collectable The Walking Dead Tokens Coming Soon From Bulls i Toy!

Walking Dead Tokens Bulls i Toy


The folks at Bulls i Toy are known for bringing  some very cool The Walking Dead collectibles to market. They’re the company behind product lines like Walking Dead dog tags, Walking Dead Chibis and the new Walking Dead Windups. Even if you’re not a huge Walking Dead collector you’ll probably recognize other products from Bulls i Toy. They’re also the company responsible for the adorable Zombie Pets line, The Trash Pack and a ton of other awesome toys.

It seems Bulls i Toys churns out cool new Walking Dead collectibles about as fast as fans can buy them up…which is pretty darn fast.   Things come so fast and furious we often poke around The Bulls i website and Facebook page looking for sneak previews and other inside info. While doing so recently we were excited to discover the company is bringing yet another Walking Dead product to store shelves: The Walking Dead Tokens!

There isn’t too much information on their website just yet but it looks like these tokens will be similar to the Transformer tokens offered by Bulls-i. Those tokens are packaged in a blind packaging arrangement which means you’ll never know what you’re going to get in each pack.  For the most part they’re packaged randomly.  The Transformer tokens are sold in packs of four and include a “virtual token” in each pack. Fans can download an app on their mobile device and scan the virtual token to watch a character come to life on a tablet, phone or other mobile device.

It looks like The Walking Dead tokens will be pretty much the same setup.
According to the “Sneak Peek” section of the Bulls-i-Toy website, each package of The Walking Dead tokens will include a virtual token that fans can scan to watch a walker come to life:

“Scan the virtual token in each pack with the scanit app! Your walker will come to life on your device.”


Check out a screen shot from their site below:

Walking Dead News New Walking Dead Tokens Bulls i Toy
Click the image to open a larger view.


It seems the “scanit” app will also keep track of your collection in a virtual checklist which should be very cool! No more keeping a paper checklist in your purse or wallet. We don’t see any mention of a release date just yet but look for more news on the upcoming Walking Dead tokens in a future post here at the zombie blog.


For more information visit Be sure to like the Bulls i Toy facebook page for product updates and fun contests and giveaways!

What do you think? Will you be collecting Walking Dead tokens? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.



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