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Death To Zombies Coffee Review Zombie Product Reviews Horror Product ReviewsDEATH TO ZOMBIES Coffee Review: “The cure for zombie brain”

It happens to the best of us. You drag your lifeless corpse out of bed in the morning and shamble to the coffee pot to brew up something to get you through the day. Coffee, in a way, is the cure for that foggy zombie brain we all get from time to time. We’ll admit it. We’re not immune to zombie brain either. We often reach for the cheap plastic coffee can we picked up at the grocery store. It’s not the greatest stuff but it’s cheap and it does the job. There’s no reason you can’t indulge and treat yourself to a tastier zombie cure. We’re always up for trying new coffee, so when the Coffee Cousins offered to send over some of their DEATH TO ZOMBIES coffee for review we couldn’t resist. ¬†Did it live up to the claims and our expectations? You’ll have to read on to find out!


DEATH TO ZOMBIES is a premium organic gourmet coffee in subtle zombie themed packaging. This is fresh roasted Honduras 100% Arabica coffee touted to be the “World’s smoothest, most delicious Coffee”. At the time of this review, DEATH TO ZOMBIES is available in ground, or bean variety if you prefer to grind to your own tastes. You can choose either 32 oz or 12 ounce bags. (We received the smaller 12 oz. bag for review.)


DEATH TO ZOMBIES comes in a high quality bag with a one way valve to help seal in and preserve freshness. The bags are such high quality that we actually underestimated how difficult it would be to cleanly tear off the top to open it. We’re used to cheap packaging and we weren’t expecting the top to reluctantly tear away leaving some jagged edges. We’re not too OCD so it only bothers us a little. ūüėČ Luckily it lends itself to the whole zombie theme.

After clumsily tearing off the top of the bag, we were convinced we’d destroyed the zipper seal area. In hindsight spending a few seconds with a pair of scissors would have been smarter. Fortunately our sloppy tear remained above the zipper seal area. It functions. More importantly, it stays put. That may seem like a small thing but it’s something we’re very thankful for. Everyone has used one of those frustrating zipper seals that won’t close or stay shut. They’re¬†one of life’s¬†obnoxious soul sucking little aggravations¬†we can do without. ¬†Fortunately there are no issues here because the zipper works every single time. WIN!

The zombie themed branding is very subtle with no cheesy neon green, “in your face” zombie graphics. True zombie fans will notice the name and image right away. The “normal” folks might pass right on by without noticing this is “zombie” coffee. Just the way it should be! ūüėČ


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We’re not coffee snobs around here but we are¬†coffee aficionados and coffee Fans. Some might even go so far to call us coffee connoisseurs. Most importantly we have a mild chemical dependency when it comes to caffeine. ¬†Our addiction to coffee means one thing: ¬†we drink a lot of coffee! We’ve consumed enough of the cheap and bitter nasty stuff to know good when we taste or smell it. This is good stuff!

The second you tear open a bag of DEATH TO ZOMBIES, you can tell it is gourmet coffee. Just sitting in the bag it has that fresh roasted aroma that lets you know this is better than that plastic tub you drug home from the big box store. Start brewing and the aromatic goodness really gets cooking! The scent of this coffee brewing gets every coffee drinker in the vicinity shambling to the coffee pot.

The bottom line is this stuff smells amazing!



DEATH TO ZOMBIES Coffee Grind Closeup
Our review sample of DEATH TO ZOMBIES arrived as a nice Medium to Medium-Coarse grind .

We won’t pretend to be coffee gurus here. We do know the coarseness of a grind is typically related to the brewing method that will be used. That being said, ours arrived as a nice all purpose medium grind perfectly suited for the old drip maker. That being said, you could get all fancy and throw this in a French press, siphon brewer etc. without issue. If you’re worried about the perfect grind level or maximum freshness you might as well go the extra mile and order beans and grind it yourself! If you don’t want the headache, rest assured DTZ arrives with a good general purpose medium grind that will please all but the most finicky coffee snobs.



DEATH TO ZOMBIES zombie coffee review


There’s none of the cheap, half stale, highly acidic bitterness we’ve had to choke down so many times in the past here. We’re not sure we have enough experience to validate the “World’s smoothest coffee” claims but it’s worlds better than the cheap stuff. ¬†DEATH TO ZOMBIES is honestly much smoother and less acidic tasting than the Columbian and Puerto-Rican coffee blends we’d been drinking prior to this review. It also has a slightly sweeter flavor and seems to be just a bit lighter and less strong in comparison as well.

There are some good starting points for figuring out how much coffee to use on the packaging but they’re just that: starting points. Brewing the ideal cup of coffee is highly personal and one of those “to taste” recipes you need to figure out for yourself. We ignored the measuring mumbo jumbo and went with our tried and true “this many scoops” method. We simply threw in the same number of “scoops” we used with our previous coffee. Afterwards we decided it was just a bit weaker than we’d like so we needed “a little more”. It’s a highly technical process to say the least. Now that we know how many “scoops” we need to fling into the coffee pot every morning (and afternoon. . . and sometimes evening) we’re very pleased!

What’s that you say? Our coffee slurping ways are too crude and barbaric? No worries. When you’re feeling fancy or looking for a more personalized coffee experience you’re good to go with DTZ. We tried this some in a French coffee press and it was as good as we had hoped. (Save the ooh la la jokes, we’ve heard them all.) Why would we bother with pressing coffee? It allows us to control temperature, brew time, yield and more. This is where good coffee like DEATH TO ZOMBIES really shines. Sure you get weird looks and comments from the mouthbreathers but that’s another story for another day.



  • Quality packaging
  • Freshly roasted and/or ground just prior to shipping
  • Premium gourmet Honduras Coffee
  • Available as beans or ground
  • Available in 12 oz. or 32 oz. sizes
  • Free shipping to the USA
  • 100% 90 day money back guarantee
  • Organic
  • Fair Trade
  • 100% Arabica (No mystery blends)
  • Smooth, tasty flavor
  • Great Aroma
  • Available as a single purchase or “subscription” style purchase



  • A bit pricey (Currently $19.99 for the 12 oz. bag and $29.99 for the 32 oz.) This pricing does include free 2 day shipping so in the end it’s actually quite fair and on par with what you’re probably paying now for gourmet coffee.
  • The smell of this coffee brewing makes you very popular with coffee lovers. Not so great when you’re not in the mood to share.



4 out of 5 Zombie Coffee Review

Our useless and meaningless rating: 4 out of 5

Good stuff! It smells and tastes amazing. Whether you want to be meticulous with a fancy brew or you just want to toss this into a drip maker or reusable K-cup, DEATH TO ZOMBIES coffee doesn’t disappoint. Ours was long gone within days of opening it. We’re not sure this is the cure for zombie brain but it certainly helps. The aroma also draws hordes of coffee mug wielding caffeine deprived zombies every time we brewed some up.


Go to the Coffee Cousins website or for ordering information.

Enjoy DEATH TO ZOMBIES coffee out of an awesome zombie coffee mug:


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