Free Zombie Paper Craft: Print, Cut, Fold, Paste & Enjoy Some Free Zombie Paper Art Fun!

Looking for some free zombie papercraft fun? Zombie paper art is a great way to have some affordable, old fashioned zombie fun. Whether you need a fun rainy day activity to do with the kids, or something to keep you from going insane while boarded up in your safe house, these zombie paper art projects are sure to save the day. If you’re searching for some paper zombie models you’ll be glad you found this post!

What is papercraft or paper craft?  Essentially it is the art of building three dimensional models out of paper,  card stock or similar materials. Add zombies to the mix and it gets even cooler!

Before we start, please keep in mind these zombie papercraft, zombie paper toy models, free zombie paper masks etc. are the hard work of some very talented graphic artists and illustrators. We’ve provided many links to the websites of the creators of these awesome zombie papercraft toys. Please take the time to visit their sites.

Some of them are able to offer these free zombie paper toys and crafts because they are selling something on their site. Many of these talented artists can even be commissioned to provide their services to you. Please take the time to support them. Visit their sites, buy something, or at least take a second to leave them a comment or drop them an email to say thanks.

Post updated 4/16/2020

1. The Zombiefie Six:

Zombiefie Six Free Zombie Papercraft
The Zombiefie Six – Files were originally available for free download at

These six zombie paper figures are sure to please zombie fans of all ages. Leave them in the cool black and white color scheme or color them as you see fit. Patterns for these zombie figures are available for free download in PDF and JPEG image format. Thanks!

UPDATE – 4/29/2016:
It appears the website is either offline or being reformatted. Unfortunately we no longer have a working link to the 6 adorable zombie creatures depicted immediately below. We’ll leave these listed for future reference . We hope to update the post in the future if the site returns.

UPDATE – 4/16/2020:
We first noticed was be gone about 4 years ago. The site appears to remain offline and is no longer accessible. We have obtained all template files except one. We’ve uploaded our copies and you can view them below.

2. Zombie Mask

Free printable undead mask
Free Printable 3D Zombie Mask –

Make this quick and easy zombie paper mask. This free zombie mask is sure to please young and old zombie fans alike.  Simply print the free PDF pattern using a color printer. (Heavy card stock works better than paper). Then follow the instructions to cut, fold and glue to make a free scary zombie mask! For more the pattern and instructions for this free zombie mask CLICK HERE.

3.  Free Zombie Paper Figures: the Monsters – Set Five

Here is a set of three scary paper zombie figures that you can print and assemble easily.  Simply click the image below or link above to get your free zombie paper toy instructions and pattern. Then print the pattern out using a color printer and assemble via the included instructions. You can build you own horde of paper zombies!

Crude basic free standup zombie paper models
Free Zombie Paper Monsters –

4. Free Zombie Paper Figures: The Monsters – Set Six

3 simple basic paper zombie models

Check out three more cool zombie paper action figures. Simply print the pattern out using a color printer and assemble per the instructions provided! Too much free zombie toy fun!!!

5.  Zombie George Papertoy

Photo of paper George Romero inspired toy assembled
Model originally downloaded from:

This awesome adorable zombie papertoy model comes from paper project genius and artist Marshall Alexander.  I’m not sure why we love this little guy so much. Maybe the huge thick rim glasses and the name George remind me of a certain godfather of the zombie movie genre? Click the image or link above to grab your free zombie paper toy template.  Marshall created these models specifically to fit the small pages of  Volume 1 and Volume 2 of the Fat Chunk comics.  In case you aren’t aware, each of these volumes is a collaboration of awesome art and printwork of various artists. Volume 1 is a robot theme and Fat Chunk Volume 2 is all about zombies!

UPDATE – 4/29/2016:
Unfortunately this awesome papercraft toy resembling George Romero is no longer available for free download from the original author’s website.

UPDATE – 4/17/2018 & 4/16/2020:
The original artist’s site, appears to be gone. The links here will now take you to our uploaded copy of the original file we downloaded for free many years back. Please see notes below.

We generally try to avoid hosting any of the downloadable template files here on our site. While doing so does make things easier for our visitors and readers, we try to encourage users to visit the original artist’s or creator’s website whenever possible. Unfortunately, that just isn’t possible in this case. The original site, and all alternative sources for this zombie papercraft model, have disappeared over the years. This file was originally offered to the public for free download. We still get many requests for updates on this particular piece. As a result we’ve chosen to upload our copy.

Unfortunately, if you’re dying to have this papercraft zombie model while still supporting the original artist, your options are limited. Your best bet is probably going to be purchasing the book Fat Chunk Volume 2: Zombies by Jamie Smart. This model is reportedly included within its pages. That likely won’t go far in supporting the author since the book, its website and the original publisher appear to be long gone as well.  The book itself is becoming harder to obtain since it was originally published back in 2009. If we find updated info on the original artist, or how to better support them for their efforts, we’ll update this post.

6.  Zombie Cheerleader and Zombie Jock

free zombie jock and cheerleader paper craft

These 2 awesome zombie paper toy creations were created by illustrator and graphic art extraordinaire Adam Steel. These zombie toys are a cute zombie cheerleader and zombie jock couple.  Now you can make this set of zombie prom king and queen using the free downloadable templates.  CLICK HERE for the zombie jock template and CLICK HERE for the zombie cheerleader template.  Too cool! Adam has a few other cool zombie creations you’ll probably end up seeing featured on this page.

7.  Zombie BFF Paper Toy

Zombie BFF Free Zombie toy paper model download

This free zombie paper toy features a happy young girl riding on the shoulders of her zombie friend.  You can clearly tell these two are going to be best friends forever!  To download the free template for this zombie paper toy CLICK HERE.  This little zombie work of art was created by Cubeecraft guest artist Abi Braceros (aka Abz). Thanks to Abi, and for bringing this awesome free zombie papercraft to the mass

8.  Seated Cube Zombie – Free Zombie Papercraft

Free Zombie paper model pattern seated.
Photo courtesy of Deviant Art Member Victor Vieira

This seated zombie papercraft has to be one of my favorite zombie paper toys to date. The sick details and gory exposed brain are just the right blend of realistic gore and cartoonish features! From the power rock wristbands to his Misfits t-shirt, you can tell this guy was a rocker in his living days.

This is an awesome collaboration by Brazilian artists Victor Negreiro and Julio Cesar.  Click here for the free pattern to create this zombie work of art. Although I haven’t had time to build this masterpiece yet it does look a little more involved than some of the other zombie papercraft listed here. Take your time. Make careful cuts and folds and you should be fine. The great part of papercraft is, in the worst case scenario you just print out another one and start over until you get it right!

9.  Free Zombie Papertoy- Left 4 Dead: The Tank

Free Zombie Papercraft paper craft models The Tank Left 4 Dead
Free Left 4 Dead “The Tank”
Zombie Papercraft Toy Template

Anyone that has ever spent some time playing the popular video game knows the hulkish beast that is the Tank. You generally feel and hear this monster coming before you ever see him. As a gamer, when you sense the Tank’s presence your palm’s get a little sweaty because you know the zombie Sh*t’s about to hit the fan! Thanks to now the tank can strike fear into the hearts of zombie fans on a daily basis in paper form.  

Click here to download the pattern for this free zombie papercraft.

10.  Free Zombie Papercraft from Macula.TV

Photo of model  cut and assembled.
Free Zombie Papercraft from –

This free zombie papercraft is brought to us from artist Christopher Bonnette on his site We love the wonderful big eyes and cracks and wrinkles around the face. We’re not sure whether the dagger on the floor belongs to the zombie or one his recent victims, but it’s still a nice touch! This zombie work of art can be constructed absolutely free.

Update 4/16/2020:
Unfortunately the site is no longer up or available. We’ll update this post if we find the site has relocated. We did manage to obtain a copy of the original file that was hosted on the site. We’re making that file available for download below.

Download the template here.

(File originally hosted at:

11. Undead Larry 1 Zombie Papercraft:

Zombie paper model

Undead Larry is brought to us by Zombie Carter from He’s cute, adorable, and relatively easy to build. There aren’t many complicated folds or cuts, so this zombie papercraft is ideal for younger zombie fans to help out with.

12. Undead Larry 2:  

Undead Larry 2 printable model file

This is a second version of Undead Larry. Just like the original, this one is brought to us from the zombie freaks over at

Visit Us Again for Free Zombie PaperCraft!

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to free zombie papercraft. We’ll be continually adding to this post as we find the time. If you are the creator of a zombie papercraft and feel we should (or shouldn’t) have your work featured here just leave a comment below or drop us an email.

If you simply know of a cool free zombie papercraft, zombie paper toy or related free zombie craft project and want me to post it here leave a comment below. Have you made some of these cool free zombie papercraft projects? We’d love to see your photos of you and your work. Send them to us and we’ll see about posting them on our site! In the end I hope you enjoy these free zombie papercrafts and free zombie paper toys as much as we do.

Shameless plug:
This post took a great deal of time and research. We did it because we love zombies and wanted to share these free zombie resources with all of our fellow zombie fans. Please be sure to visit the sites of the original artists and support them.   

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      • You’ll find the zombie mask here…

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        As for “issues with the host site”, it bothers me when commercial websites use my free material to bolster their sales. When they fail to update their links and then cast shade on me for their own shortcomings… well, let’s just say I’m not very impressed.

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          I’m sorry it bothers you that we loved your zombie themed papercraft and chose to share it with zombie lovers and fans of horror culture. It appears we’ve made some incorrect assumptions:
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          People steal and use other people’s content for commercial gain without proper credit given all the time. It’s happened to us on several occasions. . . which is why we’re very careful to give proper credit.

          I can assure you there is no commercial benefit to posting your, or any other, zombie paper projects. The purpose of this post was to offer zombie and horror fans a source of free zombie papercraft and to highlight and credit the talented folks responsible for them. I apologize if you didn’t want your publicly posted free work to be a part of that.

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        • For further clarification to anyone following along:

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          That was correct for years to the best of my recollection. At some point the URL and location of the zombie mask changed to:

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          Unfortunately we have no easy way of knowing when someone else moves material on their site without forwarding traffic to the new location. We do our best to update broken links but frankly it is not our responsibility and not within our ability to know when a third party moves material on their site without redirecting old links. It’s the host website’s responsibility to ensure continuity and accessibility of material when something changes or moves. We would only discover the issue with our own manual check of outgoing links (which we do from time to time) or when visitors make us aware that a link is no longer functioning correctly.

  2. Update 4/16/2020: We found another one or two of the sites we’ve linked to have disappeared. We managed to find the associated model files and have uploaded our copy. We’ve updated this post with the new information.


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