Horror Block Review: April 2015

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Horror Block April 2015 Review


Last month we reviewed our very first Horror Block. We liked it enough we kept our paid subscription for another month and we’re back again with a review for the April 2015 Horror Block.


What is Horror Block?
Horror Block is the “Pop Horror Mystery Box”; a monthly box of surprise horror themed merchandise. Think of Horror Block like a monthly horror themed grab bag. You simply sign up and provide your payment information, address and t-shirt size. Then you sit back and wait to see what horror themed gifts arrive in each month’s box. Pricing starts at just $19.99 plus shipping.  Larger oversized t-shirts will cost you a little extra as well.

Even with shipping and any additional charges, Horror Block typically offers a decent value each month. You can sign up for a single month of service and let it run or you can complete a single month and then cancel.  You can also sign up for 3 month, 6 month or 12 month subscriptions and save some money in the process.  Now that we’ve gone over the basics, let’s take a close look at our April 2015 Horror Block.

Horror Block Review: April 2015

Shipping Time: Many readers may recall we complained about shipping time in our last Horror Block review. Well. . . we addressed the long shipping time and the reasons for it. Since Horror Block typically ships out of Canada we understand the reason for shipping delays.  We did notice our  April Horror Block had a domestic shipping label and appeared to ship from New York.  It arrived slightly faster than the previous month’s box. It shipped out on or about April 25th and we received it on 5/6/2015: a shipping time of around 11-12 days.


Don’t Open Dead Inside: What’s Inside the April 2015 Horror Block?

April’s Block of Horror Goodness! #HorrorBlock
Horror Block Review: april 2015
When a killer Evil Dead t-shirt is one of the first thing’s you spot it’s already a good block!
April 2015 Horror Block Review Post
Bates Motel Mug. . . Overlook Hotel coasters. We suddenly want to go on vacation!


Contents at a Glance:

  • Cards outlining the April 2015 Block’s Content
  • Bates Motel/Bloody Disgusting Coffee Mug
  • Overlook Hotel Coasters
  • Shirt Punch Horror Block Exclusive Evil Dead t-shirt
  • Titan Vinyl Horror Block Exclusive Ghostbusters Ecto-1 Toy
  • Set of 2 “Killer Shots” Shot Glasses
  • May 2015 Issue of Rue Morgue Magazine

Let’s take a closer look at each item!

Cards Outlining the Horror Block Contents:

April 2015 Horror Block Card

April 2015 Horror Block review Card

As expected, the April Horror Block came with some cards explaining the contents. It’s a nice little touch we always appreciate.


Evil Dead T-shirt:

Horror Block Exclusive Evil Dead Shirt From Shirt Punch Horror Block Review

Horror Block joined forces with the folks at Shirt Punch to bring subscribers a very cool Horror Block exclusive, an awesome The Evil Dead t-shirt. This shirt features an amazing “I love Evil” Evil Dead t-shirt.  We really appreciate the quality in this month’s tee. Our shirt feels like very heavy weight cotton and the design appears to be screenprinting and not some cheesy direct to garment print or heat transfer. We love The Evil Dead and this t-shirt.


Bates Motel Ceramic Coffee Mug:

This coffee mug features the Bates Motel logo sign with no vacancy below. The Bloody Disgusting Logo adorns the back of this mug, making this a killer way to start your homicidal day. We love black coffee mugs and this one seems pretty durable. They’re never actually big enough for our coffee needs, but that’s nothing to hold against this one.

Hotel, motel. . . I think I’ll stay at The Holiday Inn. This month’s block also features some pretty cool coasters.

The Overlook Hotel Coasters The Shining April 3015 Horror Block Review

The Overlook Hotel Coasters:

April’s Horror Block includes a set of 4 drink coasters.  These  coasters are modeled after that god-awful 1970’s hallway carpet of The Overlook Hotel seen in The Shining.  It’s a great idea, but the coasters feel pretty cheap. They’re not plastic or ceramic but actually a cardboard material.  Maybe the term “Cardboard” gives them a little too much credit. Think heavy cardstock or thick posterboard. We’ve honestly purchased thicker and heavier horror themed drink coasters from our local Dollar Store at Halloween time.  Great idea, but the coasters don’t feel like they’ll survive long.  Fortunately they should last just long enough to induce all sorts of weird visual phenomena thanks to that crazy bright pattern. Overall these feel cheap and disposable. We’re not convinced they’ll last until next month’s block arrives.

Killer Shots: Set of 2 “Dead Good Shot Glasses”

Killer Shots Shot Glasses Horror Block April 2015

This set of 2 cute skull themed shot glasses is just OK. Nothing much too complain about but nothing much to write home about either.  Meh.  We haven’t thrown ours in the dishwasher yet but we may have to just to see what happens. The box mentions these are “Unsuitable for dishwasher use.” We’re not sure whether the skull graphics will wash off with time or if the manufacturer just doesn’t want our Maytag pounding shots. . . either way we need to conduct some experiments. 😉


Horror Block Exclusive Ghostbusters Ecto-1 Titan Vinyl Toy

Horror Block Ghostbusters Vinyl Titan Vinyl
Who you gonna collect? April’s Horror Block includes this awesome Horror Block/Nerd Block Exclusive Ghostbusters Ecto-1 toy from Titan Vinyl.

Titan Vinyl teamed up with Horror Block to offer another very cool Horror Block exclusive.  The 4.5″ Ghostbusters Ecto-1 vinyl toy. This thing is another one of our favorite items from this Horror Block.  This Nerd Block/Horror Block exclusive isn’t available anywhere else! We love it! Who ya gonna collect? Ghostbusters!

Rue Morgue Magazine:

Horror Block Unboxing Rue Morgue

As usual, April’s Horror Block includes a copy of Canadian horror mag Rue Morgue magazine.  This is the May 2015 issue. We were pretty bummed to discover the bottoms of pages 33 through 40 were ripped and torn. Everything is perfectly readable. . . but it still sucks! One area we’ve been a little disappointed with Horror Block is packing and handling. Things don’t always appear to be treated with care so boxes can be creased, magazines can be damaged etc.

Horror Block Rue Morgue Magazine Damaged
Don’t Open Dead Inside. . . apparently the walking dead inside our Horror Block decided to tear at our copy of the May issue of Rue Morgue magazine. Not unreadable. . . but still disappointing.

Missed the April Horror Block? Snag some of the items now on ebay!

Ebay is a great place to find items you may have missed out on. It’s also a great place to score some of those Horror Block exclusive items you need! Use the links below to find some of the items found in the April 2015 Horror Block.

Evil Dead T-shirt

Ghostbusters Ecto-1 Titan Vinyl

Bates Motel Mug

The Overlook Hotel Coasters

Killer Shots Shot Glasses


Our Rating

 What We Loved:

  • Horror Block Exclusive The Evil Dead T-shirt: Fun design and great quality
  • The Horror Block/Nerd Block Exclusive Ecto-1 Titan Vinyl Toy
  • The Bates Motel coffee mug seems like a durable design.
  • Good value. The t-shirt and magazine alone have a retail value close to what we paid for the box.


Meh.  (What We Didn’t Love So Much)

  • Shipping Time was a little faster this time, but still took nearly two weeks to reach us.
  • Damaged Issue of Rue Morgue Magazine. Bent corners and ripped/torn pages aren’t cool!
  • Slight Damage and bending to the Ecto-1 Box
  • One of the things we’ve been disappointed with is handling and care for items. We get it. There are a lot of Horror Block subscribers.  Their staff probably works long and hard hours stuffing boxes but we’d appreciate receiving magazines and items without damage. It already takes about two weeks to receive our Horror Block. Take 10 extra minutes to pack it carefully. We’ll wait.
  • Cheap Overlook Hotel Coasters. These chintzy things feel like they’ll die an abrupt and soggy mess around here.


Final Verdict:

April 2015 Horror Block Review 3.25/5

3.25 out of 5

We’re still pleased with our Horror Block overall.  Not too much too complain about other than shipping time and careless handling of items. Overall the April Horror Block seems like a decent value with some very cool exclusives! The Ghostbusters vinyl toy and the Evil Dead t-shirt saved this one for us!


Check out Horror Block for Yourself!

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