Matt Busch: Zombifying Hollywood One Movie Poster at a Time

Hollywood is Dead: Movie Poster Art Featuring the Greatest Box Office Cadavers


Matt Busch has been single-handedly killing Hollywood since 2009. No,that’s not an insult. He has literally been killing, then bringing back from the dead, iconic Hollywood movie posters. You see Matt is an incredibly gifted artist and just one of his many loves and talents is faithfully creating zombie versions of popular Hollywood movie posters.

How did Matt ever begin zombifying Hollywood one brilliant movie poster at a time? Already a renowned professional illustrator at the time, Matt was approached by Lucasfilm Ltd. in 2009. (The Star Wars franchise doesn’t just trust anyone for collaborative projects!) They wanted Matt to come up with an image design combining Star Wars and zombies for use in promoting the horror novel Death Troopers on Matt came up with the brilliant idea of creating a zombie version of a movie poster for each of the six Star Wars films. Of course his work was an instant hit with Star Wars and zombie fans alike. Demands for zombie parodies of other iconic film posters soon followed.  The rest is Hollywood is Dead history.

Matt has currently blessed about 40 past and current movie posters with his zombie treatment. Although it would be much easier to simply Photoshop or otherwise digitally alter a copy of each movie poster, Matt is far too artistically gifted to do so. Perhaps better stated, he is far too appreciative of the original artwork to take the easy way out. Instead he faithfully repaints each movie poster by hand in mixed media with painstaking detail before giving the poster his signature zombie touch. Prints for posters and other merchandise are then made from the final result.

I cannot stress how awesome his zombie movie poster parodies are. Matt truly goes the extra mile. He doesn’t just throw some zombies into a design and call it good. He completely zombifies the entire movie poster. He recreates the movie title, creates zombie versions of the tagline, gives the actors zombie names and more. His work is brilliant down to the last detail.

If you have a thousand dollars or two to spare you can own one of Matt’s original mixed media creations by purchasing through a site like Believe me his original paintings are worth every penny; I just don’t have that kind of cash sitting around. Neither do most of my zombie loving friends.  Luckily Matt has made his incredible zombie box office art available at a very low cost for all of us ordinary zombie and film fans out there.

Matt’s unique zombie movie poster art is now available for purchase in affordable poster form. Each of his popular designs is available as a 19″ x 13″ poster printed on heavy 100 lb card stock with a smooth coating and matte finish. The best part is each zombie poster is generally priced below $20.00! At that price I’d love to eventually own each one. (If only I had the room to display them all!)  Making the decision to purchase one of these awesome zombie posters is the easy part. Narrowing your decision down to just one, or a few, makes for a deathly difficult decision!

In an effort to share my worthless opinion I’ve posted my 5 favorite Hollywood is Dead posters below. Trust me, narrowing it down to my top five wasn’t easy because I love them all!

Tastefully zombifying one of the most beloved films of all time isn’t easy!
Gotta love this Toy Story parody. Everything is perfect down to the smallest detail. I really love the play on the Disney-Pixar name!
“Indiana Bones” You HAVE to take the time to read Matt’s parody of the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. No. Seriously. An awesome poster that really meshes with my thoughts on the latest Indiana Jones film. It’s really cool to see the progression evident when you compare all of Matt’s Indiana Jones posters.
Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Undead. I love this poster because it is awesome and because it just verifies my opinion that Natalie Portman would still be hot…even if she was a zombie!
A New Hope? Nope…a New Epidemic! I love this Star Wars parody. Vader’s dislodged eyeball as the Death Star is a really nice touch!

There are literally dozens of awesome zombie movie posters in the Hollywood is Dead series. He has created zombie movie posters for many popular movie posters. To see all of the Hollywood is Dead posters: CLICK HERE

Matt Busch is a truly talented man. In addition to being an amazing artist he’s also a gifted writer, filmmaker and more. To learn more about Matt visit To learn more about the Hollywood is Dead movie poster art visit

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