Official AMC Walking Dead Zombie Preparedness Apocalypse Kit Review: Our Thoughts on the ZPAK



First my famil Zombie Preparedness Apocalypse Kit ZPAK Review


Many fans of The Walking Dead will remember our review of the Official AMC The Walking Dead Survival Kit about a year ago. First My Family, the company behind those full survival kits, is back again with a smaller Official AMC Walking Dead Zombie Preparedness Apocalypse Kit. When they offered to send out a sample of this new kit for review we were more than happy to oblige.

Let’s face it, zombies probably aren’t going to be walking among us any time soon. Planning for a fictional zombie emergency may seem silly, but it actually makes a lot of sense. Preparing for the zombie apocalypse is really just like planning for any other disaster. In most emergency or disaster situations you need the same basic survival and emergency supplies. Things like basic first aid, light, shelter from the elements and tools to build fire are vital in nearly any disaster or emergency whether it be of the undead or more plausible variety. Planning for the zombie apocalypse just happens to be a lot more fun and a great way to get family and friends onboard with the prepping cause.

The Official AMC The Walking Dead Zombie Preparedness Apocalypse Kit, or “ZPAK” for those who want a less wordy title, is a perfect affordable basic survival pack for emergency or everyday use.    The “ZPAK” features a handful of basic survival supplies tucked into an awesome custom Walking Dead branded Nalgene sport water bottle. Let’s take a look at what your purchase of the ZPAK includes.



Custom The Walking Dead Nalgene Sport Water Bottle:

ZPAK Review

Without a doubt, the highlight of the ZPAK is the beautiful custom screen printed Nalgene water bottle. This 32 ounce bottle is manufactured by Nalgene, the king of manufacturers when it comes to water bottles for the active outdoors lifestyle.  This bottle looks like it is just the standard 32 ounce Tritan Wide Mouth water bottle which is made in the USA.  These are the gray bottle with black cap, which looks great with the custom branding.

The best part of this bottle is the awesome custom branding. The bottle features a large AMC The Walking Dead Zombie Preparedness Apocalypse Kit and First My Family design in white on the front. Subtle dark red blood spatters placed throughout the bottle put a beautiful stunning final touch to the look of this bottle. The bottle itself truly is a beautiful work of art. We’re confident many Walking Dead collectors will purchase this kit simply to add this gorgeous bottle to their collection and we can’t say we blame them! Click any of the images in the gallery below to open a larger view.


Of course this water bottle isn’t just attractive. It’s durable, practical and functional. We were so pleased to see a Nalgene bottle used for this kit. Based on experience we can tell you these things are nearly indestructible. They’re durable, easy to clean and worlds above most other bottles on the market. AMC and First My Family could have cut corners here and went with a more affordable and more profitable water bottle. Fortunately they chose a quality product that will stand up to daily use. This bottle will be part of your survival and emergency preparedness kit for years to come.

The basic design of this bottle may not seem like much at first glance. Don’t let the simplicity fool you. Decades of manufacturing refinements and improvements make these bottles nearly perfect. They’re honestly ideal for emergency and everyday use. The smallest details seem insignificant at first, until you start using these bottles while camping or out in the field.  The large wide mouth opening is perfect for several reasons. It allows you to pour and drink easily from the bottle. For everyday use the large opening makes it easy to add ice cubes to your bottle. The large opening allows many water filters and purifying straws to be used without issue. It also makes mixing powdered drinks much easier as well. Finally, it allows stuffing items into the bottle much easier. Space is at a premium in any bug out bag or emergency disaster kit. There is no point not cramming this bottle full of valuable emergency preparation items until it is needed for water storage.

The cap of this Nalgene bottle features threads designed to seal well and made to withstand tightening without stripping. The top loop makes sure the cap never gets lost while simultaneously creating a convenient way to attach this bottle to a bag, backpack, belt or other area. First My Family has even added a convenient carabiner to make attaching and detaching this bottle even easier!

The water bottle is constructed of BPA-Free Eastman Tritan copolyester. This material has superior impact resistance. If you have doubts just look up some of the Nalgene torture test videos on YouTube and you’ll soon see these things are tough! There’s a reason they’re guaranteed for life. In addition to their resistance to breaking and shattering, these bottles can withstand temperatures from -40°F to 212°F. You can even pour boiling water into a Nalgene bottle without issue or damage to them.  Thanks to the construction material, this bottle is also resistant to staining and retaining taste and odors.



Supplies:First My Family ZPAK Surival Kit Supplies

In addition to the water bottle, this kit features a handful of basic survival essentials.  Here’s a list of what our kid included:

  • 10 Medical Grade Adhesive Bandage Strips
  • One 12 hour chemical light stick: Unwrap, snap and shake for up to 12 hours of light
  • One Emergency poncho. Keep yourself dry, use it for signaling for help and more!
  • One Emergency Mylar Space Blanket: This reflective blanket helps you stay warm
  • One 5 in 1 Emergency Whistle: This whistle helps you signal for help and packs some potentially lifesaving features. As the name implies, this isn’t just a whistle.  It has a weatherproof compartment for storing matches and other small items. A compass on the lid may help you navigate your way to safety and the signaling mirror on the reverse side of the lid just might help you signal for help from rescuers.  A flint rod on the whistle can be used to create a spark and may be just what you need to start a life sustaining fire.
  • One custom carabiner: Perfect for clipping the water bottle to your bag, backpack, belt or for similar uses. This product is not suitable for climbing use.


Click any of the images in the gallery below to open a better view:


Granted, there isn’t a ton of survival gear in this kit, but it’s not supposed to be a full kit. This is simply a small pack meant for coping with emergency situations in the short term. This is perfect for storing in your car or carrying with you for everyday use. It would make a great addition to a full survival kit.

We know what many of you are probably thinking, “I can make a similar or better kit for less money.” We had the same thought at first, but then we started doing some math and quickly realized it isn’t worth the trouble.

Let’s cover the obvious point first. If you do it yourself you won’t get the awesome Walking Dead bottle.  In our opinion, this is worth the bulk of the purchase price alone. We can easily see this bottle selling alone for $19.99.  Let’s say you don’t care about the Walking Dead logo, putting together this kit yourself isn’t as cheap as you may think.

A typical 32 ounce wide mouth Nalgene water bottle retails for $11 to as much as $20 alone. A similar 5 in 1 survival whistle typically runs $4 to $5. The survival blanket typically runs a few dollars and a rain poncho can often be picked up for $1 to $2.  What about the light stick? If you can find individual industrial quality 6 inch light sticks locally you’ll likely pay at least a dollar a two. A box of bandages will run you anywhere from a dollar to a few dollars depending on quality. We’re also assuming you can find all of these items together in the same store or two locally. When you factor in the cost of your time and fuel , or shipping costs, you can easily see the cost of this kit is very reasonable. In our opinion there’s no real reason to attempt putting this kit together on your own, especially if you’re a fan of The Walking Dead. In most cases you wouldn’t save enough to make missing out on the custom bottle worth it.



  • Beautiful The Walking Dead Bottle: The custom Walking Dead Water bottle is gorgeous and sure to be a hit with collectors and preppers alike.
  • Lightweight: The water bottle and contents weigh just under 13 ounces making this super portable and a great addition to a full survival kit.
  • The Nalgene brand water bottle is super tough, durable and designed to be practical.
  • Affordable: Priced under $30 before shipping
  • Perfect on the go kit for basic emergencies and everyday use.
  • Plenty of room to add to and improve upon this kit.




  •  This kit doesn’t contain much in the way of survival supplies but we feel it is important to note this isn’t intended to be a full survival kit. While an emergency blanket, a poncho, some bandages, a whistle and a light stick might not sound like much on the surface they can all make the difference when it comes to short term survival in an emergency situation.
  • We know what every self-respecting do it yourselfer is thinking.  With some work you could probably build a similar or better kit for the same amount or perhaps a little less money, but you won’t get the custom Walking Dead bottle.
  • Our bottle had a slight blemish in the white graphic on the front. You can see a small area where the white logo logo is missing above the letter “A” in the word, “PREPAREDNESS”. Upon closer examination it looks like this may be a simple manufacturing defect. None of the photos of other bottles we’ve seen have this so it’s highly unlikely you’d have any issues with your purchase.
  • The kit doesn’t contain anything that will work to help you easily create a spark with the flint rod on the whistle. This isn’t too much of an issue because most of us have something on us that would work. That being said, it is probably a good idea to make sure you have a small pocket knife, razor blade or something steel in the kit to make this chore much easier. We tried using the carabiner provided in the kit, thinking it would throw a spark. It didn’t work for us. A knife blade got sparks flying 6 inches or so.  Starting a fire with a flint or Ferro rod can be challenging enough on its own. You don’t need the lack of something to create easy sparks compounding your problems.


Where Can You Buy It?:

At the time of this post, the official AMC The Walking Dead Zombie Preparedness Apocalypse Survival Kit is priced at $29.95. It is  available directly via and can also be found on

Final Thoughts:

The official Walking Dead ZPAK is a great idea and priced right. The beautiful custom Walking Dead Nalgene bottle is almost reason enough to make the purchase. This lightweight emergency survival pack contains enough resources and materials to help you survive a short term emergency situation without being heavy.  We really like the idea of adding to this and making it our own. Overall this is a beautifully done survival pack that is sure to help you survive many emergency situations. Whether you’re concerned about zombies, natural disasters, car trouble or all of the above, this kit just might save your rear one day. If not, at least you’ll have the coolest water bottle in town.


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We plan on adding a small pocket knife, small flashlight, some paracord, an energy bar, and some char cloth or some sort of tinder to make this kit even more useful. What would YOU Add to this kit to make it your own? Let us know by leaving a comment in the comments section below!

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