Visit and Enter to Win an M48 Zombie Apocalypse Spear!

Our friends over at BUDK.comare giving away nearly 4 feet of razor sharp zombie awesomeness. Their current sweepstakes, ending May 31st, is going on now and the epic prize is an M48 Apocalypse spear from United Cutlery! The sweepstakes is open to U.S. residents ages 18 and older, but hurry and get your entry in […]

Zombie Film Review: Midget Zombie Takeover

. . . I simultaneously laughed, died a little inside and threw up in my own mouth.  Only a special film like Midget Zombie Takeover can make that happen!   If you’re a zombie movie snob lacking a sense of humor and demanding perfection, let’s save you some time. You won’t like this film.  However, if you have […]

We Now Have a Handmade Zombie Gift Directory Open to All!

Spend a few minutes browsing etsy and similar sites and you’ll quickly come to the conclusion that there are a lot of talented, creative and gifted zombie fans out there.  The best zombie gifts often aren’t the mass produced variety. Sometimes the best and most unique zombie gift is the one that is crafted by […]

Get A Free The Walking Dead 2013 Georgia Travel Guide

For those who don’t know, Georgia is hot right now. I’m not talking temperature, but popularity in the world of tourism and travel hot spots.   Since The Walking Dead has been filming there it’s become a sort of zombie mecca. The folks at the Georgia Department of Economic Development have had the foresight to […]

Zombie Review: Amazon’s Zombieland Series Pilot (meh)

  I’ve managed to summarize my thoughts on Amazon’s new potential series, Zombieland, in a single word: “meh.” Bluntly stated the newly released pilot from Amazon shows potential on many levels but fell flat for me on many more. If you care to know more about why I feel this way, read on! Let me […]

Recent Zombie Giveaway Updates

We recently finished some zombie giveaways and I wanted to update all of you on the winners in case you missed the posts on facebook and twitter. Arsenic & Honey T-Shirt Giveaway: The folks over at Arsenic & Honey clothing company were cool enough to sponsor a giveaway with a free t-shirt for one lucky […]

Help Grow the Horde and Win an Etched Evil Dead Tribute Glass!

I recently etched an Evil Dead tribute glass in honor of the new Evil Dead movie. It features etching on one side inspired by the new movie and the reverse side is inspired by one of the original The Evil Dead film’s 1981 movie posters. In honor of opening weekend, and to help grow the […]